Thursday 16 July 2015

April ~ Pretty Me Challenge: Ta Dah!!!

Just a quick pop by to say "Hello" and to share with you the progress that I have made on my Pretty Me project for April.  This was a quick and easy makeover actually.  All that was required were some wooden struts cut to the right length to create a base (to hold the mattress) and a paint job on the frame itself - to help breathe new life back into it.

I used Annie Sloan paint leftover from the makeover of my Kitchen Dresser.  After a couple of coats of paint and a quick brush over with wax (to create a protective seal over the paint) the project was complete.  I ordered a new queen size sheet and simple used the double duvet cover Little Lady already used on her previous bed (my girl likes a snugly bed!)

So without further delay....

Ta Dah!

I am happy to report that the bed has resulted in more fondness for her bedroom and more importantly vastly improved sleep!  Hooray!  

I kept all the other furniture and the Hubby simply moved the desk (from the before picture on the left) to the opposite wall and her IKEA chest of drawers (on the right of the bed in the before picture) now sits next to her bed (serving as a bedside table).

Her bookcase has relocated under the eaves (returning to its original place) although my childhood dolls house has been squeezed in on a tiny coffee table between that and the foot of the bed!

We need to have a big de-clutter of the kids bedrooms over the summer holidays but I am really happy with the makeover of this vintage bed frame.  I'm even more content that Little Lady will grow with this bed.  Even though she needs less sleep than I do (she takes after her father in this respect) at least she has a comfortable space to enjoy, read and rest.

My planned Make Me project (a part crochet, part applique cushion) has taken a back seat as I've not been well enough to sit and use the sewing machine.  However, the crochet element has been completed and is simply awaiting an improvement in my health so that I can finish the planned cushions off.  I'm looking forward to completing these but have relaxed on the time frame element!!!  Needs must.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed seeing this beautiful vintage bed frame being given a new lease of life.  I'm delighted how a couple coats of off white paint have softened its look.  I think it's gorgeous and gladly Little Lady is very happy with it too.  

I have so many things to share at present.  I also have a giveaway planned for this month as it's come round to my blog-iversary again!!!  I will be posting again soon I promise!

Take care until next time,
J9 x


  1. It's brilliant, very nicely done, I bet she loves it. A bit of decluttering and bedroom re-arranging required here over the summer as well. CJ xx

  2. What a difference the new bed makes to the room. It looks lovely. More 'grown up' for her.


  3. It looks fantastic!!! A bed fit for any princess to sleep in and certainly any little girl!! xx

  4. Wow! What a difference! Definitely a room to want to spend time in, it looks fabulous! xx

  5. Very pretty! You are very clever too! :-)
    Sorry that you haven't been well enough to sit at the sewing machine. Do you think you will give in and try it by hand or just wait for the right time? I hope you can occupy yourself with other nice activities until then. Take it easy. xx

  6. Hi Janine,
    I would like to nominate "Simple Things" as one of my favourite blogs so I have listed it as a nominee for a Liebster blog award on my latest blog post:
    I have links to more information about the Liebster award one a previous blog post:
    Should you choose to accept the nomination, feel free to participate at the level that you can manage. It should not be a chore, but a fun way for bloggers to get to know each other and discover new blogs.
    I hope you are managing okay. I get a little concerned when I haven't seen a post from you for a while.
    Take care,
    Jodie xx