Friday, 8 November 2013

Half Term Happiness

Just popping by to write a quick post about our half term break last week.  Well, I say break but really it was only a break from routine - which 'they' do say is as good as a rest.

Hmmm.  I'm not sure I agree in this instance.  The hubby and I spent 3 days juggling the children and painting new plaster at the latter end of the week off - such a challenge!

Aside from the home front we managed a lovely trip to my Mum in Cornwall for four days.  Sadly Hubby had to work so the children, Granny and I spent some much needed down time...

#  Nature walks (and/ or skipping!) - gorgeous autumnal colours and much needed fresh air

#  Pooh Sticks - the river was running fast due to high rain fall so the game was lots of fun and there are 4 bridges of this type on the route so lots of opportunity for play!

#  Decoupatch Time

#  And Pumpkins - of a happy and a scary kind. 

Our build is due to finish in the last week of November- I cannot wait!  It's a mixture of excitement and a need for it to JUST BE DONE ALREADY!!

I'm not meaning to be ungrateful - it's just been a long time cooking for a family in this space.

Watch this space - I'll be showing you the blank canvas next time!  Apologies to all you lovely bloggy friends out there - by December I should be back in the land of blog!!

J9 x
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