Monday, 23 March 2015

Tough Times & a Promise

I am increasingly aware that across the world many people are faced with challenges which may seem insurmountable.  Many people struggle daily behind closed doors with issues far worse than mine and I wish everyone the strength and fortitude to manage and overcome such trials.  In writing this post I am in no way seeking sympathy but purely documenting elements of my Every Day.

It is true however, that the month of March has been an immense struggle for me both physically and emotionally.  Scheduled hospital visits, weekly blood tests, a visit to A & E combined with brain fog, uncontrollable pain and real incapacity have left me exhausted and ready for a week of rest.  I am recovered enough to enjoy such a week.  A week to hide away from pretending to the outside world that I am OK.  Where I can curl up and allow myself to rest completely.  Sometimes I know I need to force myself to go out and push through.  On occasions I know that it is my own four walls called HoME that will help my mind and soul most of all.

Next week the school breaks up for the Easter holidays and so I have given myself permission to have a completely indulgently restful week starting today.

I don't plan to go anywhere - except seeing a friend on Wednesday for a birthday lunch.  I have the normal school drops and pick ups to do, plus after school clubs but I have nothing beyond that.  I need a week where I can retreat to the sanctuary of my home during those 6 hours of school each day.  In order to rest and recuperate without self inflicted feelings of guilt I am declaring it as a "Plan".

In the spirit of maximising this rest I thought that I would fully commit to my week of leisure through a series of promises.  Accordingly, this week I promise to...

::  indulge in some leisurely crochet... ...ideally in PJ's

::  practice meditation techniques to help with my fatigue and calm my mind...

::  enjoy spring flowers in my home...

::  enjoy quiet times with my family...

::  to refocus on gratitude for the Simple Things that bring happiness to my life.

I hope you all have a positive week and that you are able to embrace the things that will bring balance and health to you in the week ahead.

J9 x


  1. Te entiendo, a veces faltan fuerzas para luchar. Yo sufro de fibromialgia, es un dolor crónico de todos los días, todas las semanas, todos los meses, todos los años. Ahhhh,, qué cansador es. Sólo luchando y obligando a mi espíritu a seguir adelante, evita que me caiga en la cama y no me levante.
    Fuerza, fuerza diaria para poder sobrevivir.
    Un abrazo desde Chile

  2. Janine, I'm sorry to hear about your tough times lately. I think your plan is a very good one. Know that I am thinking of you and hoping for a swift recovery.

  3. I'm so sorry things are so difficult at the moment, you are absolutely right to try and schedule some quiet time. I hope it helps. You really are an amazing woman, you try so very hard and achieve so much, but you must listen to your body and take things as easy as you can. Your sweet doggie has the right idea! Look after yourself Janine, and I shall look forward to seeing anything you should happen to crochet. CJ xx

  4. That sounds like a really sensible idea xx We really need to listen to our heads and bodies more and not be made to feel guilty if we take time to look after ourselves. It's taken me years to work that one out! Enjoy xxxx

  5. Hope you manage your quiet time just for you and you feel a bit better xx

  6. I hope that your time of sanctuary gives you peace of mind and heart and body so that you will have a wonderful Easter holiday. Look after yourself. Hugs to you. xx

  7. You are wise to rest now before the onslaught of school/Easter holidays when you will essentially be 'on-call' for your family 24/7. I would expect the school runs and basic morning/afternoon routines to be enough demand on the body after being in hospital and wouldn't expect you to be doing anything more. These are the times to nurture oneself and it is good that you are doing that. Rack up some 'rest credits' while you can so you can enjoy your holiday times. Take care xxx

  8. I am sorry to hear what tough times you have been having. I think your plan to rest as much as possible is the best idea, and I hope you begin to feel the benefits of it soon. Take care.
    Helen xox

  9. I hope your week of rest is bringing you joy and peace. Hoping you are well and loving your time with your darling family! Hugs to you all!

  10. This post touched my heart. <3 Good for you for taking care of yourself. Self-care is so important, for everyone, and especially during stressful times.