My Disability Journey

In 2007 I had an accident whilst pregnant with Little Man which changed the course of my life.  I mention different elements of my disability at points in my blog posts as my physical and emotional health is intertwined with my everyday.  To avoid this becoming a negative space or become repetitive in my writing I have added this page for readers to use to better understand my accident and journey since that point.

The links below give an idea of the situation:

My Disability Journey - The Accident
My Disability Journey - My Emotional & Physical Recovery
My Disability Journey - A Reflection

In 2015 I have a whole host of physical impairments that different consultants believe were brought about by the trauma of that time in 2007.  I have early onset rheumatoid arthritis in all of my small joints (hands and feet) and fibromyalgia in my shoulders.  I have a whole regime of opiate based pain relief and medication which dulls my central nervous system too thereby limiting pain signals received by my brain.  I have a damaged pelvis and damaged hip joints which limit mobility and which cause constant pain.  I have accepted my new physical normal and have emotionally healed and thankfully no longer suffer PTSD.

Managing pain verses living life is my challenge and this will remain unchanged in future.

If you are new to this blog or perhaps are struggling with pain or disability yourself, I hope that these honest words may help you in some way.  Despite all these challenges, with help and support it is possible to find happiness and to live a fulfilling life.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.

I am by no means a health professional but I have done lots of research on pain management and you are welcome to email me directly if you have questions or wish to correspond regarding any elements of this journey which are relevant to you - especially if you think I may be able to support you in some way.

I would like to end this page by saying:

We do not know the pain or challenges that any individual faces behind closed doors.  You cannot know until you have walked in their shoes.  Please take care in judging others on face value.  Who knows what issues a stranger masks from another in public?  What situation could a friend, colleague, school mum be struggling through whilst trying to maintain their normal routine?  Try to act with kindness because it may just be the little light that makes a real difference to someone's 
dark days.

J9 x

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