Friday, 18 April 2014


...and recuperation is what I wish for us this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.  We returned home yesterday after a lovely trip to my Mum's home in Cornwall.  It was lovely to go but really lovely to return home - to see the hubby especially.  We had all felt his absence while we enjoyed days in the park or on the beach and he was busy at work.

And I wish to rest - guilt free.  I'm struggling physically - but this is OK.  I've managed most of the Easter holidays with upping my pain relief.  But today I'm staying upstairs to help my pain reduce and my mobility improve.  It is needed - despite the sunshine outside.  I have a crochet project on the go and this is helping my mind stay positive.  Here are some clues as to the make:

 Any ideas?  It is a birthday present for a dear niece and I will show you the finished project soon!

The children are content.  Playing, reading, lazing, bouncing... and modelling their new glasses.  They both had eye tests last week and these are the result!

I am not ready for Easter this year as we've been away visiting family for most of it.  Rather than be precious about the decorating I'm letting the Little people loose.  I've unearthed the boxes and left it to them.  It's lucky I'm not watching as grouping multiple eggs on one branch - how would I manage?!   When I was busy aspiring to all that I would do this Easter I pinned tonnes here.  Take a look if you fancy!

I will post about our Easter holiday shenanigans next week.  Until then dear friends, I wish you all rest and recuperation - and much happiness this Easter,
J9 x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Frugal Family Fun

During our last visit to my mum's in late March the weather was stunning.  It felt like a lovely long hug; the suns rays comforting and caressing all weiry-ness away.  And there has been a need of comforting in these parts over the past couple weeks.  Little Lady has been ever so poorly and I'm a little jaded.  Anyhow, a little sunshine did us all the world of good.  Bring on the sunshine this spring!

My heart did swell with contentment to see my children playing in the same village park that I did as a child.  Little Lady initially wanted to stay behind and was persuaded to join in with the boys.  Over 3 and a half hours later they returned elated after frizbee, skipping, swinging, football - "I'd forgotten how fun the park is Mummy!" she exclaimed.

It struck me that this has been the first year we've been unable to visit any parks during the winter months for this type of play.  Yes, they've ridden bikes or we've done a brisk shot of exercise.  But not the careless enjoyment of childhood such as they did that Saturday.  Our weather has been so bad this winter but it only takes a good few hours of sunshine to reignite those feelings of joy in the outdoors.

The following day - while the hubby did some chores, the children requested the park again.  We enjoyed another 3 hours of play - soaking up the spring sunshine.  I wandered around the perimeter of the field - searching for 'treasure'.  The Littlie's joined me - we found all sorts of different objects and examined the textures and shapes that nature had to offer.

We made camps by the river; specifically squirrel camps (including swings and nut stores) and they swung from plaited vines.  Pure simplicity.  I love this type of play.

Little Lady expressed it so clearly - "You play differently Mummy - you and Daddy.  It's good, it's different".

Whilst I can no longer run to play football or chase to play tag - this is fulfilled by their Daddy.  I can nurture the softer appreciation of nature and wildlife.  Both complementing each other.  Both good for our children, good for our souls.  I love this park and I feel close to my late Father here.  It was lovely to see my children enjoy the park so much and to see the cycle of life play out before us.  Such happy contentment, which among a couple weeks of illness was a welcome reminder that the natural rhythm of life seems to flow in highs and lows and the highs do come again.

The hubby returns to work again tomorrow after a week off.  Myself and the kids are off to stay with my Mum again in sunny Cornwall so I'll catch up again next weekend!!  Happy Easter everyone!
J9 x

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Week ~ Things that made me Happy...

Thank you so much for the wonderful messages of support on my last Disability Journey post.  The series of posts have been incredibly challenging to write - to not dwell in anger and resentment but to show that whilst overall I can see the positives in life - this is still a journey with ups and downs.  I guess I'd just like to state the obvious in that we are all dealing with 'stuff' - just varying degrees.  Life can be good.  But my goodness it can be hard - so cut yourself and your neighbour some slack!!  I am planning to delay the final post until I've had time to give it a more considered response and to let the mood of my blog posts resettle a bit during my birthday month!

Sooo on to things that brought me happiness last week:

::  Mother's Day loveliness.  Homemade cards and presents - the best kind.  Little Man made this felt flower at school - in the pocket is a little heart with lots of drawings on both sides 'of all the things you [me] like': our family, loving, baking, cake decorating, TV, milk choc chip cookies, puppies, french bread pizza, flowers, chocolate, squirrels?!  It's lovely to see his drawings of all the things he perceives me to love.

Little lady made me the gorgeous coaster at her Brownie club and it now takes pride of place on my bedside table.

::  Brownies badges  - tried, tested and achieved.  Such a happy Little Lady.  We're going to tackle the Star Gazing badge while visiting Granny next week "As the stars are so much clearer at her house".

:: Little Man's Easter hat.  Fully designed and created by himself.  They had a mufti day today to raise funds for the local children's hospice.

::  These generous giveaway goodies arrived this week from the wonderful Wendy of September Violets.  This was a giveaway as part of the Grow Your Blog event.  I do so love getting a parcel in the post!  Thank you Wendy - you made my day!

Lots of colour in that past week.  Many moments of happy.  I'm tired though - looking forward to a break from the school routine as term ends.  We are all ready for a rest!

Amongst resting, we're out and about over the next couple of weeks so my time here will be more sporadic. If you have a moment - go and check out the fabulous giveaway that Mary Jane's Tea Room is having.  Such a gorgeous collection of goodies this generous lady is gifting to some lucky person!!

Happy Easter to you all - may your days be full of sunshine and laughter.

J9 x

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Another Cake for Super Man!

The Hubby and I are both Aries - he is two days my elder.  With all the ongoing financial challenges we decided to not do birthday gifts this year - even small ones, as we decided to enjoy a meal out as a family instead.

To mark his actual birthday, I decided to make a cake - a frugal choice of course as we had all the ingredients.  I baked a basic chocolate sponge in a square tin, covered it in chocolate ganache and then decided to decorate!

I remembered a cake I'd pinned an age ago here and felt inspired to recreate it.  I did buy two bags of M&M's (in hindsight smarties would have been better) from the local shop and sorted them into separate colours - I had 2 bowls of yellow and blue sweets but there were only 8 red ones in the two packets combined!!  I cut them in half length ways to make them go further and then to avoid spending more money I coloured up some fondant icing to make up the rest of the shield (again, a store cupboard ingredient).

It was by no means a professional finish but was not a bad result for such a quick plan with minimal effort and it tasted rather good too!  The children were delighted to keep it quiet from him in the lead up to his birthday and he was delighted with the surprise.

Happy Birthday to our very own Super Man!

J9 x