Friday, 18 April 2014


...and recuperation is what I wish for us this Easter Bank Holiday weekend.  We returned home yesterday after a lovely trip to my Mum's home in Cornwall.  It was lovely to go but really lovely to return home - to see the hubby especially.  We had all felt his absence while we enjoyed days in the park or on the beach and he was busy at work.

And I wish to rest - guilt free.  I'm struggling physically - but this is OK.  I've managed most of the Easter holidays with upping my pain relief.  But today I'm staying upstairs to help my pain reduce and my mobility improve.  It is needed - despite the sunshine outside.  I have a crochet project on the go and this is helping my mind stay positive.  Here are some clues as to the make:

 Any ideas?  It is a birthday present for a dear niece and I will show you the finished project soon!

The children are content.  Playing, reading, lazing, bouncing... and modelling their new glasses.  They both had eye tests last week and these are the result!

I am not ready for Easter this year as we've been away visiting family for most of it.  Rather than be precious about the decorating I'm letting the Little people loose.  I've unearthed the boxes and left it to them.  It's lucky I'm not watching as grouping multiple eggs on one branch - how would I manage?!   When I was busy aspiring to all that I would do this Easter I pinned tonnes here.  Take a look if you fancy!

I will post about our Easter holiday shenanigans next week.  Until then dear friends, I wish you all rest and recuperation - and much happiness this Easter,
J9 x


  1. They look adorable in their new glasses! I hope you feel better soon. Happy Easter!

    1. Aw Thanks Thistle! You're a fab lady! J9 x

  2. Hello there, just catching up. Lovely to see what you have been up to, and the bees and flowers are especially cute! I look forward to seeing what they turn into. Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx

  3. Your little ones are too cute for words! Love the present that you are making. I`m looking forward to see the end result! :)