Sunday, 13 April 2014

Frugal Family Fun

During our last visit to my mum's in late March the weather was stunning.  It felt like a lovely long hug; the suns rays comforting and caressing all weiry-ness away.  And there has been a need of comforting in these parts over the past couple weeks.  Little Lady has been ever so poorly and I'm a little jaded.  Anyhow, a little sunshine did us all the world of good.  Bring on the sunshine this spring!

My heart did swell with contentment to see my children playing in the same village park that I did as a child.  Little Lady initially wanted to stay behind and was persuaded to join in with the boys.  Over 3 and a half hours later they returned elated after frizbee, skipping, swinging, football - "I'd forgotten how fun the park is Mummy!" she exclaimed.

It struck me that this has been the first year we've been unable to visit any parks during the winter months for this type of play.  Yes, they've ridden bikes or we've done a brisk shot of exercise.  But not the careless enjoyment of childhood such as they did that Saturday.  Our weather has been so bad this winter but it only takes a good few hours of sunshine to reignite those feelings of joy in the outdoors.

The following day - while the hubby did some chores, the children requested the park again.  We enjoyed another 3 hours of play - soaking up the spring sunshine.  I wandered around the perimeter of the field - searching for 'treasure'.  The Littlie's joined me - we found all sorts of different objects and examined the textures and shapes that nature had to offer.

We made camps by the river; specifically squirrel camps (including swings and nut stores) and they swung from plaited vines.  Pure simplicity.  I love this type of play.

Little Lady expressed it so clearly - "You play differently Mummy - you and Daddy.  It's good, it's different".

Whilst I can no longer run to play football or chase to play tag - this is fulfilled by their Daddy.  I can nurture the softer appreciation of nature and wildlife.  Both complementing each other.  Both good for our children, good for our souls.  I love this park and I feel close to my late Father here.  It was lovely to see my children enjoy the park so much and to see the cycle of life play out before us.  Such happy contentment, which among a couple weeks of illness was a welcome reminder that the natural rhythm of life seems to flow in highs and lows and the highs do come again.

The hubby returns to work again tomorrow after a week off.  Myself and the kids are off to stay with my Mum again in sunny Cornwall so I'll catch up again next weekend!!  Happy Easter everyone!
J9 x


  1. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time and your daughters observation about the different sorts of play is great I think as if you were able you would be running around and then perhaps you might miss out on those quieter gentler moments, so it is good that she noticed them and that she appreciates them and that you can have those times! I hope that is so anyway! Hope that you have a great week away. xx

  2. I'm so glad they had a chance to play like this, I think it's the most important way for children to spend their time.

  3. Ah, that beautiful spring light. We've been enjoying the park as well. I know what you mean about the simple pleasures of finding little bits of nature to enjoy and spending time on the swings. Wonderful. I'm so glad I've found your lovely blog, I'll be following along now.

  4. Such a gorgeous post, I'm glad to hear hear that your little girl is feeling better x
    Happy Easter and have a great trip home
    love Jooles x x x