Friday, 4 April 2014

Another Cake for Super Man!

The Hubby and I are both Aries - he is two days my elder.  With all the ongoing financial challenges we decided to not do birthday gifts this year - even small ones, as we decided to enjoy a meal out as a family instead.

To mark his actual birthday, I decided to make a cake - a frugal choice of course as we had all the ingredients.  I baked a basic chocolate sponge in a square tin, covered it in chocolate ganache and then decided to decorate!

I remembered a cake I'd pinned an age ago here and felt inspired to recreate it.  I did buy two bags of M&M's (in hindsight smarties would have been better) from the local shop and sorted them into separate colours - I had 2 bowls of yellow and blue sweets but there were only 8 red ones in the two packets combined!!  I cut them in half length ways to make them go further and then to avoid spending more money I coloured up some fondant icing to make up the rest of the shield (again, a store cupboard ingredient).

It was by no means a professional finish but was not a bad result for such a quick plan with minimal effort and it tasted rather good too!  The children were delighted to keep it quiet from him in the lead up to his birthday and he was delighted with the surprise.

Happy Birthday to our very own Super Man!

J9 x


  1. It looks jolly good to me Janine!! Happy Birthday to your man and to you!!! Here's hoping for great things in the year ahead for you both. xx

  2. It looks a great cake & Happy Birthday to you both, xx

  3. Happy birthday to you both and WOW what a fab cake!
    Happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  4. Happy birthday to both of you! How fun to have your birthdays close together and to be exactly the same age. The cake looks terrific, nice job!