Friday, 9 May 2014

I just came by to say 'Hello!'

Hello Lovely People!

Just popping by very briefly to say normal service will resume shortly!  Apologies for the extended gap since my last post - things have been out of their norm over the past couple weeks and we are finding a new comforting rhythm in our home.  As I did mention in my last post, I was experiencing an unusually strong urge for rest.  It turned out that my rheumatoid arthritis was going into a flare phase.  This is the third significant flare phase I've had where the small joints in my feet and hands especially have been badly affected.  But as I've previously learnt...I've been kind to myself, giving myself the time to recover.

I've read a lot of books - both crafty and very enjoyable novels... and read lots with the Littlie's.  I've painted a bit and pottered.  I've rearranged some simple displays and enjoyed my home.  I've not been able to crochet, drive or type as my hands (especially my right one) have been really painful and weak.  Things are improving and the medication I take when in flare has really helped to bring it under control and all is good. The break from routine has shown me that I need to take more time to potter at home at a more relaxed pace.

I have so much to share (pretty, creative and nurturing in nature) and so many blogs to catch up on.  I'm back and ready to share my Simple Things. Happy Weekend folks,

J9 x