Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pretty Pastels

Just a quick post to share some pretty things I've been arranging around the home for Easter...

The children decorated twigs with Easter decorations... lots of the homemade variety.

And some Sunday baking... R weighed all the ingredients and mixed the cake batter herself, before decorating when cooked.  It was a nice, quick chocolate sponge with nutella creamy filling covered in sprinkles, some edible flowers and lots of yummy milk chocolate.  She got to do it all herself whilst little B was at a friend's party.  She was so proud to present it as pudding at tea time.

Naughty, but oh so nice!

In order to work off those extra calories I've been decluttering sporadically with a ruthless approach throughout the house - I laughed when I photographed it - I sent the picture to the hubby and said 'This is the 3rd pile like this to be going to the Charity Shop! - You'd be proud of me!'
It's Easter holidays here and five different birthdays over the next two weeks so I doubt I'll be getting much time to post on my little bit of cyber space.  I'll try to pop back but I'll definately be posting the Bedroom Ta Dah and our holiday fun when the hols are over.

Happy Easter to you all.  I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful time this holiday period.

J9 x
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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My Pretty Filter - Bedroom Update

I've been gradually doing bits and pieces to R's room now since the beginning of February.  Due to my physical limitations it's taken longer than I'd anticipated and to be honest I've found it quite frustrating at times... my personality is such that I just want to crack on and get it done!

 Anyhow, the walls and ceiling have now been painted.  Furniture has been relocated.  The end is in sight!  The majority of things left to do are the things I most enjoy - the 'making it really pretty and individual'.

The room has shifted from a pale pink paradise to a more funky emphasis.  It was last painted around 3 years ago and was a pastel pink (but rather cluttered) haven:

R chose the new colours herself - inspired by her dressing gown,

....and the colours from B & Q were shockingly bright when I was painting the walls! 

However, the colours have grown on me and although they're not my choice, I think it really suits her personality.  When I went in to school recently to look through her literacy work, it was interesting to see she'd written a piece on her room - writing that she 'felt safe' and 'it was comfy'.

Hope you've enjoyed a quick glimpse.  I aim to be back on Thursday next week with my 'Pretty Filter' ta-dah for R's room!  Lots of work going on behind the scenes - flags being sewn to a new canopy, wall stickers to go up and woodwork still to paint!

I'll leave you with some cakes we made together this weekend.
Thanks for reading - and WELCOME to my slowly growing band of followers!!!  Your time and comments are soooo appreciated.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day Dress Up!

The littlies celebrated World Book Day today.  The school requested all the children to participate in the fun by dressing up as a famous book character.

Ruby decided she would be Daphne from Scooby Doo...

...and I had the idea for Billy to be Dennis the Menace as he had a red and black jumper, which wouldn't take too much altering.

It was lovely doing the school run this morning.  The sense of excitement amonst the children was almost tangible.  The simplest of things can create such memories!

Their costumes were simple to fashion this year - a lime green cravat was sewn, trousers cut off and hemmed to make shorts, ribbon around a hair band and a patch over a jumper to hide Mickey Mouse and transform it into Dennis the Menace outfit!  Simple homemade costumes that no-one else will be wearing!  Happy Days!

Thanks for reading,
J9 x
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Monday, 4 March 2013

Flying the Red Nose Day Doll Flag!

I have long been a fan of different creative blogs across cyber space.  Indeed, it is these blogs that inspired me to start my own little bit of blogland.  Whilst I'm nowhere near the scale in popularity of these blogs, I'd like to offer my support to their efforts to raise funds for Comic Relief and to further endorse the wonderful collaboration that these fabulous ladies have been part of.
A number of creative souls have put together lots of different elements to a range of handmade dolls - to be auctioned in aid of Red Nose Day.
Below is the description from Silverpebble of the dolls to be auctioned:

"The dolls are called Maisie, Blossom, Poppy and Mac. Blossom and Mac... Maisie has wonderful red hair and has written her very own blogpost here.
Each doll will be auctioned separately with his or her respective trousseau on Ebay, beginning Thursday, 7th March and ending on the evening of Sunday 17th March. I suspect those last few minutes may be rather nail-biting. All the money raised will go to Comic Relief. "

Please see their Facebook page for further information!
These ladies are super talented so the quality of the handiwork in these dolls will be amazing and they can become favourite toys of the present or heirlooms of the future.  Happy bidding in the knowledge that your donations will be going to an outstanding charity!
Good luck!
J9 x
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Pinterest Passion!

Well, I'm a little late to this party...  I go out of my way to keep my life simple.  I enjoy elements of technology and can appreciate it's benefits but it in no way commandeers my time!  I don't have an iphone - my mobile is more a brick actually, which I use only for texting to arrange  social things and for emergencies.  I'm not on facebook.  I need a good amount of face to face contact and that's just who I am. I enjoy blogging but limit my own screen time just as I do my children's!

However, much as I try to plan my days to be 'productive' it is difficult when my disability means I have to succumb to rest.  It's really important for me to continue to feel productive during this time for my mental health.  It's difficult to define what 'productive' means for me whether it's blogging, research, planning, home organisation, crafting.  When my physical self fails, keeping productive prevents my mental health from lapsing. 

Pinterest has been something I've avoided previously.  I don't know why, I guess I just didn't buy into the idea of it.  Until now.  We are so happy to welcome 3 new babies into our world during 2013 - one of which arrived late on Sunday!  I've been trying to look into unusual gifts I could make for these babies and pinterest was full of inspiration!

Planet Penny's "Hearts and Flowers Mobile" it!Button animals! Would be an adorable gift for a baby shower or as a decoration for a little one's easy and cleverHootie The Owl Nap Mat | Modern Vintage Children.
The original links to these wonderful items are as follows: 

 Please feel free to check out my boards at

We were at my mum's home in Cornwall this weekend so this week I'll start making something inspired by these wonderful pictures / patterns.  I'm still undecided as to exactly what - it's a little tricky as we don't know if the bub's are boys or girls...  Having said that I've never been fond of the blue and pink thing so I'll go with bright colours to suit any little one!

I'll let you know what I decide on creating!
Thanks for reading,

J9 x
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