Monday, 4 March 2013

Flying the Red Nose Day Doll Flag!

I have long been a fan of different creative blogs across cyber space.  Indeed, it is these blogs that inspired me to start my own little bit of blogland.  Whilst I'm nowhere near the scale in popularity of these blogs, I'd like to offer my support to their efforts to raise funds for Comic Relief and to further endorse the wonderful collaboration that these fabulous ladies have been part of.
A number of creative souls have put together lots of different elements to a range of handmade dolls - to be auctioned in aid of Red Nose Day.
Below is the description from Silverpebble of the dolls to be auctioned:

"The dolls are called Maisie, Blossom, Poppy and Mac. Blossom and Mac... Maisie has wonderful red hair and has written her very own blogpost here.
Each doll will be auctioned separately with his or her respective trousseau on Ebay, beginning Thursday, 7th March and ending on the evening of Sunday 17th March. I suspect those last few minutes may be rather nail-biting. All the money raised will go to Comic Relief. "

Please see their Facebook page for further information!
These ladies are super talented so the quality of the handiwork in these dolls will be amazing and they can become favourite toys of the present or heirlooms of the future.  Happy bidding in the knowledge that your donations will be going to an outstanding charity!
Good luck!
J9 x
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  1. It's so kind of you to blog about the dolls - have you signed up on Emma silverpebble's linky list? Thanks for visiting my blog. Mac was given his fishing basket yesterday and he loks very at home with it.

    1. Oh you are so very welcome! I'm super impressed with what you ladies have achieved! I've linked up and will promote it in our school too. Thanks, J9 x

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. It is really kind of you to spread the word.