Monday, 4 March 2013

Pinterest Passion!

Well, I'm a little late to this party...  I go out of my way to keep my life simple.  I enjoy elements of technology and can appreciate it's benefits but it in no way commandeers my time!  I don't have an iphone - my mobile is more a brick actually, which I use only for texting to arrange  social things and for emergencies.  I'm not on facebook.  I need a good amount of face to face contact and that's just who I am. I enjoy blogging but limit my own screen time just as I do my children's!

However, much as I try to plan my days to be 'productive' it is difficult when my disability means I have to succumb to rest.  It's really important for me to continue to feel productive during this time for my mental health.  It's difficult to define what 'productive' means for me whether it's blogging, research, planning, home organisation, crafting.  When my physical self fails, keeping productive prevents my mental health from lapsing. 

Pinterest has been something I've avoided previously.  I don't know why, I guess I just didn't buy into the idea of it.  Until now.  We are so happy to welcome 3 new babies into our world during 2013 - one of which arrived late on Sunday!  I've been trying to look into unusual gifts I could make for these babies and pinterest was full of inspiration!

Planet Penny's "Hearts and Flowers Mobile" it!Button animals! Would be an adorable gift for a baby shower or as a decoration for a little one's easy and cleverHootie The Owl Nap Mat | Modern Vintage Children.
The original links to these wonderful items are as follows: 

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We were at my mum's home in Cornwall this weekend so this week I'll start making something inspired by these wonderful pictures / patterns.  I'm still undecided as to exactly what - it's a little tricky as we don't know if the bub's are boys or girls...  Having said that I've never been fond of the blue and pink thing so I'll go with bright colours to suit any little one!

I'll let you know what I decide on creating!
Thanks for reading,

J9 x
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  1. I think Pinterest is wonderful for inspiration and organizing of ideas. Those are fabulous picks you made. I love the mobile. I think that could work for anyone, not just a baby. The owl mat makes me want to have another baby just to use the mat. ;) I think any of these works for either sex too. You're right - the blue and pink thing is overdone! Can't wait to see what you make. Jo

    1. I agree!! I'd love a mobile like that one - I'll get around to it one day! My favourite is the owl mat but the others are probably quicker makes - think the mat is a goer though! J9 x

  2. Pinterest is a crafter's best friend! I love how it inspires a lot of what I do. Sometimes I make exactly what I PIN, other times I use it as inspiration. Sometimes, it's just a "lift" to see pictures of what other people are doing too.

    1. I have seen the light Bronwyn!! I can see it's so inspiring and definately wets the creative appetite. I just need another 5 hours in a day to achieve all that I want to make!! ;0) J9 x