Sunday, 10 August 2014

August Holidays So Far...

Look what happened on the evening of the last day of term...  the Hubby snapped his achilles - ouch.

It has been a challenging start to the month - he's spent two weeks in full plaster and now has this enormous boot on to secure his foot in a position to help it heal over the coming weeks.  After the initial shock we keep trying to mentally reinforce that all will be OK - healing is in process... a minimum of a twelve week healing process where he is unable to put any weight on his left leg.  Hence we are experiencing what it is like to have two mobility impaired adults in this house at present!!  

I confess I did pause, look to the sky and question: what kind of woman I must have been in a previous life- to continue to face the challenges that seem to keep coming our way!!

But still... there are things to be happy about (oh yes, I will search them out ;0) )

#  Loving my floral displays.  Simple annuals in abundance.  LoVE the colourful, clashing riot.

#  Joyful Garden Camping.  Lots of play occurs in this tent during the day time.  Then they decided an overnight camp would be fun.  Their overnight camp lasted exactly 28 fun filled minutes.  Scary, creaky noises and my inability to make the wind stop blowing the tent canvas were to blame.  "The tent is great for day time play Mummy - maybe tomorrow night we'll sleep out there".

#  Age old holiday rituals of Cuddly Picnics / Play.  Children feeling free and safe to play whatever game they choose.  Innocence captured.  Enough said.

#  Loving the sheer enthusiasm for reading due to the Summer Reading Challenge - this year the theme is Mythical Maze.  There are horrible scratch and sniff stickers gifted for every two books read - my children's idea of awesome.  Hoorah for our free Library service!

This is my first time online since my last post so this is just a quick 'catch up hello' before another month passes!  Happy holidays dear readers,

J9 x