Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Little Crochet...

As if there wasn't enough to do at this time of year, last week I started to crochet a lap blanket.  Not just any lap blanket... a blanket for my Mother as a Christmas gift.  I had been toying with this idea for a little while but procrastinated for some unknown reason.  My mum often uses a lap blanket for comfort and warmth so it felt like a suitable homemade something to give.  Then, suddenly the perfect pattern was created, developed and shared by the wonderful Sandra of Cherry Heart.

Her beautiful Painted Roses Blanket was absolutely what I had imagined and had not been able to find beforehand!  It was fate and thanks to the beauty of the internet I purchased the pattern and started my very own Painted Roses Blanket.

This is a soothing, rhythmic pattern which is actually a surprise to me as I thought I'd need to really concentrate to create something so pretty.  Thankfully, after the first couple flowers I had the pattern down (thanks particularly to Sandra's wonderfully helpful hints and photos provided with the pattern).

I've made 15 flowers with their leaf component so far and think that I'll add the final rounds to make the squares once I've crocheted all the flower rounds.  I plan to add some plain granny squares to the blanket to add balance (considering I'm doing a larger size) and I wanted to use yarn that I already had to minimize cost.  I also aim to back the crocheted blanket with fleece to add extra snuggle factor.

I'm really enjoying this project and seeing my little pile of crocheted 'Painted Roses' gradually grow. I aim to have it finished by Christmas day, which is a time pressure I'm not really used to - I usually like to take my time but that often means I have many projects in progress yet to be finished.  Hopefully as it's a gift I'll actually finish it in time!!

I'm finding that tackling a big crochet project at this time of year is especially enjoyable as it has meant that I've needed to slow down and carve out some creative time amid the hustle and bustle.  I will share a full ta dah in the new year (fingers crossed I finish it in time!!)  I'm sure many of you are aware of Sandra's amazing patterns - I can definitely recommend this one!

J9 x

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Simple Happy Things This Week

: :  The pure joy intrinsic in flying a kite.  Whatever the age... if the wind is blowing and you feel a little low - go fly a kite.  It is instantly uplifting.

: :  The Littlie's participated in a school fundraiser for Save the Children and as part of this wore their Christmas jumpers.  Cue very excited children and lots of giggles.

: :  A hot chocolate with happy sprinkles!!  I had an arthogram this week (a detailed MRI with dye injected directly into the hip joint).  This is always a strange feeling and to stave off a fainting fit and sickness afterwards I treated myself to sitting for an hour in the hospital cafe while I regained my composure!

: :  Some one on one girly time with Little Lady while the boys were at football.  We went 'Christmas Window Shopping' - oohing and aahing at lights and decorations.  We love the Monty Penguin advert and there was a whole interactive display dedicated to the penguins at a certain department store - which we both enjoyed!!  Little Lady has a rabbit (purchased whilst I was pregnant with her) that is as important to her as Monty is to the little boy in the advert and I was delighted one year to find a bigger version in a charity shop a couple years ago which became Bop Bop's mummy.  So lovely - have not seen another one since so it was meant to be.

Christmas is well and truly on its way and the excitement levels in this household are rising!  I've just started soaking the fruit for our Christmas cakes and the tree is decorated and awaiting wrapped presents to be placed under its branches!  Christmas carols and parties galore are taking place next week, which is sure to get us all in the Christmas spirit!  Plus we went on the Santa Train this morning (I think a post of this alone will follow as I took lots of pictures!)  It was a lovely family experience and a very special treat.

I hope there were happy things in your week and that you all have a fantastic weekend.  Happy Christmas!!
J9 x

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sunny Sunday

The months of winter experienced so far in our part of SW England have been largely mild with dark grey skies and mist that obscures most of the sunshine from our lives.  Time indoors requires lighting throughout the day due to the low light levels and those wonderful crisp, blue-skied winter days have been numbered.  However, last Sunday was one of those days where the sun shone and the need to exploit the opportunity to go outdoors was irresistible!

It seems that the sun crept into many bloggers lives on Sunday and I've seen a few posts admiring the winter skies over the past week which made me smile.  Somehow even though I don't physically know these people I find it heartwarming that many people look up at the same big sky and smile.  It somehow makes the world feel smaller and more intimate - to think that the same Sunday sun has given pleasure and a definite need to be outdoors across some of the blogging community.  As such, my post today is an homage to those Sunday Skies and the immense pleasure inherent within witnessing the sight of an ever changing sky.


Despite all my physical impairments we are an outdoor family.  It is a place where I feel most alive, most connected with my special people and most spiritually inspired.  The pure joy in Simple Things is inescapable and for that I am eternally grateful.  All these pictures were taken within one afternoon - the sky was like a rolling canvas.

Time seems to be flying by in the month leading up to Christmas.  Of course, it is always a busy month and I will have sporadic time online for the rest of December.  I hope you have a wonderful lead up to Christmas - I am hoping to pop back in to cyber land soon but it's always the first thing to slip so blessings to you all and thank you for commenting and popping by over the past year.  It's been a joy to get to know you all more.

Happy December - and here's hoping we have more beautiful Sunny Skies to enjoy this month.
J9 xxx

Friday, 5 December 2014

More Mevagissey

I had a wonderful response to the post I did recently regarding our family visit to this little port.  In that post I mentioned I had a little wander off to the outer harbour on my own with my faithful spaniel.  It was a slow meander to drink in the colours and smells but I was also struck by the multitude of textures - both man made and natural, which added interest and beauty to this little place.  I hadn't wanted to overload my previous post with photography (with things that perhaps only some find beautiful) but as many of you enjoyed it I thought I'd share some more?


I do so love the beautiful turquoise colours of the seaside.  Even the ropes used are turquoise tones and I love that - function and beauty together.  Just wonderful.

And of course, my faithful friend, Milo.  He is such a fabulous family dog and a great companion while I take random pictures - which you've got to love!!

Happy weekend folks.  I hope you are warm and happy wherever you are.
J9 x