Friday, 5 December 2014

More Mevagissey

I had a wonderful response to the post I did recently regarding our family visit to this little port.  In that post I mentioned I had a little wander off to the outer harbour on my own with my faithful spaniel.  It was a slow meander to drink in the colours and smells but I was also struck by the multitude of textures - both man made and natural, which added interest and beauty to this little place.  I hadn't wanted to overload my previous post with photography (with things that perhaps only some find beautiful) but as many of you enjoyed it I thought I'd share some more?


I do so love the beautiful turquoise colours of the seaside.  Even the ropes used are turquoise tones and I love that - function and beauty together.  Just wonderful.

And of course, my faithful friend, Milo.  He is such a fabulous family dog and a great companion while I take random pictures - which you've got to love!!

Happy weekend folks.  I hope you are warm and happy wherever you are.
J9 x


  1. What a pleasure to see these photos at this time of year. You're a very talented photographer, they are lovely. And what a sweetie your little dog is. I've heard they're a really nice breed to have. I hope you're well, have a good weekend Janine. CJ xx

  2. I love these sorts of photos, I call them textures! They are so representative of the textures of a place aren't they! xx