Friday, 11 April 2014

My Week ~ Things that made me Happy...

Thank you so much for the wonderful messages of support on my last Disability Journey post.  The series of posts have been incredibly challenging to write - to not dwell in anger and resentment but to show that whilst overall I can see the positives in life - this is still a journey with ups and downs.  I guess I'd just like to state the obvious in that we are all dealing with 'stuff' - just varying degrees.  Life can be good.  But my goodness it can be hard - so cut yourself and your neighbour some slack!!  I am planning to delay the final post until I've had time to give it a more considered response and to let the mood of my blog posts resettle a bit during my birthday month!

Sooo on to things that brought me happiness last week:

::  Mother's Day loveliness.  Homemade cards and presents - the best kind.  Little Man made this felt flower at school - in the pocket is a little heart with lots of drawings on both sides 'of all the things you [me] like': our family, loving, baking, cake decorating, TV, milk choc chip cookies, puppies, french bread pizza, flowers, chocolate, squirrels?!  It's lovely to see his drawings of all the things he perceives me to love.

Little lady made me the gorgeous coaster at her Brownie club and it now takes pride of place on my bedside table.

::  Brownies badges  - tried, tested and achieved.  Such a happy Little Lady.  We're going to tackle the Star Gazing badge while visiting Granny next week "As the stars are so much clearer at her house".

:: Little Man's Easter hat.  Fully designed and created by himself.  They had a mufti day today to raise funds for the local children's hospice.

::  These generous giveaway goodies arrived this week from the wonderful Wendy of September Violets.  This was a giveaway as part of the Grow Your Blog event.  I do so love getting a parcel in the post!  Thank you Wendy - you made my day!

Lots of colour in that past week.  Many moments of happy.  I'm tired though - looking forward to a break from the school routine as term ends.  We are all ready for a rest!

Amongst resting, we're out and about over the next couple of weeks so my time here will be more sporadic. If you have a moment - go and check out the fabulous giveaway that Mary Jane's Tea Room is having.  Such a gorgeous collection of goodies this generous lady is gifting to some lucky person!!

Happy Easter to you all - may your days be full of sunshine and laughter.

J9 x

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  1. Lovely, happy things. I didn't know Brownies had a hoodie now, what a great idea. I hope you have a good weekend.

  2. What loveliness indeed! Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  3. Lovely special yummy things - thanks for sharing them with us. And Happy Easter to you & yours too. Be blessed!

  4. Love the Easter hat! And those Mother's Day goodies are gorgeous :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx