Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Big Adventure

Little Lady returned home to me today after her first independent intrepid adventure.  She had been on school camp - leaving on Monday morning and returning home at 3pm today.  We had no contact other than a general text from school each day to confirm all was well.

It was the first time she has stayed away from me overnight excepting when I've been in hospital so it was a big step for us all.  An opportunity to grow and learn.

Of course she absolutely bloomed.  We prepared, packed, planned... all to ease this transition.

Little Man has really missed his sis.  They have a very lovely relationship of which I am really proud.  It is helped by the fact that she is not a girly girl.  By far she prefers to run, climb trees and be outdoors and so they have played together from the start with only 21 months between them.

She is home now and tucked up in bed.  Happy and exhausted.  Feeling all grown up yet grateful to be home.  I feel enormously happy to have my family back together under the same roof again.  I shall kiss her forehead before I sleep and revel in the fact that she is safely back with us.

For her a big step forward in emotional growth; embraced wholeheartedly and stored as a treasured memory of her childhood.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant adventure, I'm glad she had such a good time. I know exactly what you mean about loving the fact that she is back home though. It's always lovely when they're home safe, and tucked up in bed. CJ xx

  2. Those first adventures away from home without Mum or Dad can be daunting for all concerned. I'm glad she enjoyed it.


  3. It's hard to let them grow up ( stay little forever please!), but look how she has blossomed! And you, too. You know you have raised a confident little lady and that will take easily through all of life's ups and downs. :)

  4. How wonderful!!! It sounds as though it went well for all of you. The first stages of growing up and moving onwards with life! xx

  5. It's always a real tug of the heartstrings when our children are away no matter how long or short the duration - that conflict of the excitement and joy of their personal growth versus our need to protect them and hold them close!