Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Festive Mantel.... and Sofa!

The autumnal colours have been removed from my mantelpiece and a thoroughly festive theme now takes centre stage.  Apologies for the poor light in this photo - the grey skies in Somerset at the moment make indoors so gloomy - but you get the idea!  My favourite bit is the pompom garland (which I actually bought for a trim for a furniture makeover I've got planned!!)


I've enjoyed starting to play with some elements in our lounge before all the decorations go up this weekend.  I'm having a leisurely few days ahead of the school holidays slowly getting our home organised and Christmassy!  It's had a thorough dusting and some clutter has been removed...  I've washed and re-hung the curtains and cleared the decks before all the decs come out!

So my mantle is looking festive and I decided to 'Christmas up' my sofa - I do love a few comfy cushions on my couch!!  I was going to sew some cushion covers with some red fleece but when I went to purchase the pads the cost of 2 pads was the same as 2 pre-made red cushions with pads - so I opted for the pre-made red versions to save me some time!

Although not as soft and textural as fleece, I don't really mind as my plan was to always embellish them. I've raided my button stash for cute, shiny, mother of pearl buttons - goodness it's crazy how much joy I get from rooting through my stash of buttons.

After an evening of sewing, we now have a heart and a star (which is somewhat crooked but hey)...

They feel festive without being crazy!!

My sofa normally looks like this - I'm not a fan of the chocolate leather but it was my husband's choice and is very practical. However, I always cover it for extra comfort and warmth!!

After my tweaking today, it has been made all festive! I got the cream throw from the charity shop and the fleece blanket was from Dunelm (where I also got the cushions!).

The cushions were a simple make but giving lots of pleasure. Ideal for snuggling and watching Christmas films this weekend once we've put up the tree!!  I hope you are enjoying setting the scene in your home.

J9 x
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  1. Everything looks so festive!... cozy and warm... and I love your pillows with the buttons on them!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Janine, hope you're having a nice day.
    Your mantle is really lovely.
    I love the pom pom trim you used for a garland - it looks very festive!
    And your cushions looks fab with the pretty buttons on them!
    I'm like hubby likes leather couches but I like something cosier to snuggle into.

    1. Hi!! Yep, especially this time of year, leather feels so cold!! I'm all for cosying up everything!! J9 x

  3. Everything looks so cheerful and cozy! Lovely job with the sofa pillows. I do like my buttons too :)


    1. Simple things work for me!! I've always been fascinated with buttons - my mum has a tin of her mum's buttons and I have memories of searching through to find exactly the right one to mend something years ago!! Thanks! J9 x

  4. I agree--cheerful and cozy! Now that is Christmas.

    1. Thanks!! I love December for the cosying and decorating!! Such fun! J9 x