Friday, 11 January 2013

A Homemade C (Can't bring myself to write it in full now)

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of response I've given you lovely people that commented on my last blog post - until now!!  It seems I finally succumbed to the winter sick bug that has been doing the rounds.  I'm thankfully fully recovered and back with the spirit willing to spend time in my bit of blogland.

Secondly, due to the above I have not read ANY recent blog posts on any blogs that I follow.  We're visiting my mum in Cornwall this weekend but I plan to spend a couple of relaxing mornings next week catching up!!

I drafted this post pre Christmas and didn't get round to dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's before I took time out for the holidays with my family.  A few people around blogland were talking about homemade Christmas gifts before the big day so here are a few of the homemade goodies I gave this year:

I've blogged about a couple of my chutney making episodes earlier this year - there are four different varieties this year and once decorated a bit and presented in the baskets (from the Charity Shop) they looked quite nice.  I bought a packet of crackers and a small Somerset block of cheese and I think these made a tasty present for the men in the family.

I crafted these baubles - I became quite proficient at the crochet rounds (from Lucy's pattern here.  I did a couple in pale greens and blues for our home and then tried a jewel coloured one (which is actually my favourite).  Then, when proficient I moved on to more traditional Christmassy colours.  I was really lucky to pick the green and red wool from the thrift shop so have no information about them but as they're only to be hung I don't think that matters!  I stuffed them with the contents of an old cushion so they were a very thrifty make!  Some were decorated with a few buttons and I backed them with felt and embroidered 2012 on them.  I have 4 friends that I knew would like these - I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoyed making them.  Each friend had a little bundle of 4 or so each and that amount only took 3 evenings (from kids bedtime to my bedtime!) so gave me a real sense of achievement as they're such a quick make to complete!

For grandparents we went down the school photo and photo calendar route.  Earlier in November there were some fantastic offers on for these calendars from well known websites.  I'm really happy with them and they worked out less than a cup of coffee each so a thoughtful yet thrifty present.

I also made a few of the roses from Lucy's patterns here .  I actually didn't get to sewing them together - just managed the crochet bits so these will come for birthday presents at some stage!!  I can tell already that I like them so when I've finished them I'll show you...

Ruby and I made these quickly one weekend before Christmas to give to teachers and Granny - I did trim up the wicks but haven't got a more complete picture!!  They had a dip in the centre around the wick which wasn't supposed to be there - but it was fun to do and Ruby really enjoyed it.

Homemade pressies are always a tricky thing.  I love to receive homemade gifts but some people don't.  I figured with the Chutneys the men (who all love cheese) would be able to eat and enjoy them - rather than some trinket that would sit on a shelf.  They have since informed me they've tried each flavour so I think that's a sign of success.

So that's it! I'm didn't share Christmas photos this year - I've taken many but just haven't managed the time to blog!!  Christmas already seems a long time ago.  I have some decluttering of the body, mind and home to achieve in the coming weeks - but more on that next time!

Thanks for reading,
J9 x


  1. You were a busy lady leading up to Christmas! Love those crocheted tree baubles. I think I may make some for next year and use up some yarn scraps!

    1. Great idea Bronwyn!! I'll definately make more another year! My mum's gonna have a go too so crochet seems to be catching! J9 x

  2. Hi Janine,
    What a great idea to use yarn from the thrift shop!
    These crocheted rounds are so sweet perfect for a homespun Christmas!
    All the Best,

    1. Thanks!! Since I had my accident it's amazing how much of my 'shopping' I do at the thrift store! I always seem to pick up something that can be used or done up for our home! Great fun! J9 x

  3. I Love how those candles turned out! And I'd be happy to try your chutney ;)

    1. Goodness - you would be so very welcome! Rather a long trip though for a taste... We'll have to make do with cyber chutney! J9 x

  4. So sorry you've been sick. :( Thanks for sharing a look at all of your lovely homemade goodies. You were indeed busy! Love the candles! :)

    1. Oh thanks - I'm amazed I've managed to stay well in the lead up to Christmas - there's been an epidemic of the winter sick bug 'noro virus' in England - I've become a hand washing fiend!! Thanks for popping by! J9 x

  5. Glad you are feeling better. We've lucked out here so far and not had any real sickness. Homemade gifts are the best! Can you believe that I have never tasted chutney? Love your little baubles and the candles in the tea cups are so fun! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.