Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Precious Moments

The last few weeks have brought so many precious moments to savour.  This post is simply a celebration of those moments so apologies to readers if it's a little photo heavy (I've been offline for too long!).

# Precious Easter Hunting

# Precious Family time at Centre Parcs

Little B:

And our redheaded Ru:

Close Encounters with Roe Deer:

 # Baking Bonding & Precious Creativity

# Enjoying Beautiful Flowers gifted by Precious People for my Birthday:

#Baking Character Bread Rolls... Mice, Sharks, Puppy Heads, Hedgehogs...Yum:

# Precious Childhood Moments
Ruby's Favourite Toy

Daisy Chain Making

My Boy loves this hat!

Boy Time
As you can see we've had some really lovely family time over the past few weeks.  I've chosen to update in one big post and it's crazy to see all that we've done.  I love that about blogging - it makes you appreciate all the little things we've done as well as the more memorable family holiday time. 
If I'm completely honest, I've struggled to settle back in to being at home alone during the day again.  It's been so quiet and a big adjustment... I've hidden away a little.  I'm sure another few days will help me to settle back into the rhythm of term time.  I've got so much more to blog about in April - Ru's room is finished and I've some vintage beauties to show you!!
Hopefully I'll make better use of my time again and catch up with all the wonderful blogs I follow and respond to your lovely comments, so come on- don't be shy!  Now I'm back with the world of the www I'll be popping back regularly again so watch this space!
Thanks for reading and take care,

J9 x

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  1. Your children are adorable and it looks like you've been doing lots of fun things together. I love the plate with the roses on it, it's very pretty. It's nice to see a new post from you, hope you're doing well. :)