Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Simple Sunny & Sandy Sunday

During a weekend visit to my mum's home in Cornwall last weekend, we took a trip to Polkerris near Par.  It's not a typical beautiful white sandy beach but it is easilly accessible (my mum's progress on recovering from her knee replacement is very slow) and is in a lovely cove with a small harbour and a pub on the shoreline (for hot chocolates when needed of course). 

The sun was shining so we packed a lunch hamper (or rather hessian sack) and made for the beach still early in the morning.  The children were SO keen to get into the sea.  Even with their wetsuits the water is very cold but they were adament that it wasn't 'too' cold.

R found a piece of drift wood, which served fantastically as a surf board for her werewolf. 

Yep, not girly at all but it kept them happy for HoURS!  Little B had a margarine tub and his pirates sailed happily in that. 
It was wonderful to see them so content in a completely timeless fascination with the waves and different object's ability to float!  Apparently, Granny has a couple of toy boats in her cupboard at home so the werewolf's 'boat' will be upgraded!!  We have had to keep the piece of drift wood though - R wouldn't leave it behind so it now is part of our essential beach equipment!!

It is a fabulously active water way.  There is a sailing school and many water sports focus around the harbour - gig rowing, wind surfing etc means there is always plenty to watch!

The sun shone (thank you Lord!) as it's not done that much in England recently.  The wind was still keen but this helped the flags to fly magnificently and also enabled the water sports to be enjoyable for all!

We found a patch of shells to search amongst and found some cowlries and sea glass - both treasure in my and R's eyes!  The former was always a challenge set by my mum to find when I was a child and classed as our meal tickets - when we found one we were guaranteed a good tea!!  We found two on this visit so us girls were alright ;0)

These things combined made for a glorious day by the sea.  With our household budget not allowing a summer holiday I am so thankful that we can enjoy such beautifully relaxed days with my favourite people. 

What's not to LoVE?  We're hoping to spend some more quality time by the sea if the weather allows!
I hope the sun is shining where you are and you get to enjoy a Simple Sunday this weekend - what do you love doing best on such days?

Thanks for reading,
J9 x


  1. You're right - what's not to love? A sunny day out with family, a gorgeous setting and memories to last a lifetime. Sometimes the simplest of days are the BEST ones!

    1. Ah, thanks Bronwyn - great minds think alike! Hope you enjoy your coming weekend ;0) J9 x

  2. This looks like a beautiful place to visit and you clearly had a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Jennifer - Cornwall has so many lovely coves which vary so much. I was lucky to grow up in Cornwall and am glad I can still share it's wonder with my littlies! J9 x