Friday, 14 June 2013

Child's Play

Moments of happiness with a sprinkler in our garden on Wednesday after school. 
Beautiful, simple things.
Rare moments of sunshine this spring need to be grabbed with both hands - this sunny evening was no exception.  Any form of play in water is a favourite in our house. The sprinkler had it's first outing this year - freezing water (only kiddies could enjoy!).  They jumped through the streams of water, caught rainbows made by the droplets as they fell through the sunny sky and experimented with how the jets of water felt on their skin.

Happy times indeed.

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J9 x
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  1. Lovely. This is what summer is all about!

    1. Agreed! Here in the UK we don't get to do this often so it's a seize the moment when it's warm enough! J9 x

  2. So sweet! I have been nostalgic lately, so I brought out the Spiderman sprinkler recently. Even though the kids are bigger now, they still loved it. :)

    1. Fab fun! I'm finding that at every stage I feel 'This is lovely, I'd like to freeze them here' but time passes and they are growing up!! I can so understand your nostalgia! J9 x