Thursday, 23 January 2014

FAMILY - A Perspective in Poetry by my Little Man

I've had this post in my drafted items for months.  I came across it this week while I was endeavouring to get back on track with trying to journal family happenings over recent weeks - which I am dismally behind in!!  It would be a real shame if this was left as a draft, so in the spirit of  valuing the important things in life I'm pressing the publish button.

Way back at the end of July whilst we were writing our summer bucket list, my little man was sooo happy.  He had lots of ideas of crafts to enjoy and places to go.  Like many across blog-land, the summer bucket list has become a ritual that we all partake in and often the requests are so simple.  They don't ask for the world, more often just time in different situations.

The following day he presented me with this saying "Mummy, I love you.  It's great what we do together".

It read:


Family's are the best thing to have.
When you need them they hug back.
You dream about all the happy things that you do with them -
Nothing is better than Family.
They do anything that you like.

I was blown away.  He had just turned six.  Such a wise little man.  Such a proud Mummy.  Of course I've framed it.  Beneath he had drawn a typical house and stick people of our family.  No matter how I try I cannot get the photograph any clearer - but hey, you get the vibe!

I guess, at this time of year when we can get consumed with the commercial image of what modern life 'should be', this can pose an important reminder of what is actually valued by our children.  Plus, I hope that one day, when my littlies are older and find this... hopefully they will smile and remember happy times.

That's what I wish for...

God Bless,
J9 x


  1. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing. He seems like a very thoughtful little guy and his handwriting is beautiful for someone his age!

  2. Bless him - he is very thoughtful and sensitive. Although he has his moments!! ;0)

  3. That is really adorable and you are so right. As much as they ask for "things" kids value family time most.