Friday, 7 February 2014

Today I'm...

::  Relieved that the hubby has been redeployed.  This means he still has a job although he is being moved to a very different role.  Sadly, it is a backwards move meaning markedly less money each month.  But nevertheless, we are grateful for him to have the security of a job.  Hopefully less money will mean less stress in the workplace and here's hoping we'll return to an improved work life balance!  We're going to go with the flow and see what happens...
 ::  Trying to embrace these moments, roll with life and focus on family.  So many changes happening here at present.  Desperately trying to see the positive and improve what I can affect.  Focusing on nurturing my family, planning meals on a monthly rather than weekly basis to ensure that our diet is homemade, nutritious, varied and inventive all within a tight budget!  Thank goodness for Aldi!

::  Re-establishing my love of reading.  Finally making the time to read more widely than craft and cookery books thanks to some novels on loan from my Sis.

::  Loving my decoupage knobs.  I finished these this week - there are four knobs on my dresser which I've painted and all of them have been decoupaged with these Cath Kidston tissues.  They look rather cute against the Aged White background.

::  Laughing at the photo-booth images of our family at the bro in law's recent wedding.  (We've ordered these from the company but haven't received them yet hence the watermark appearing on these copies).
::  Smelling the fragrance of my hyacinths (which have been in flower for a good week) which provide so much happiness - smelling gorgeous!!

::  Looking forward to a weekend where there is NoTHinG at all in the diary (excepting a football match for the boys on Sunday).  Pure Bliss - and a real rarity at present so I will fully PJ it up!!  Instead of smelling the roses - I'm smelling the daffodils and heady hyacinths!

::  Wishing you well for the weekend ahead.  Take care and enjoy whatever you may be doing,
J9 x


  1. I am sorry about the difficulties that your husband has had to face at work, but glad for you all that he still has a job, who knows what the future will bring, but at least it is more secure than no job, and if it brings less stress that can be worth a lot can't it. Your meal planning sounds very organised, and will I am sure be of help with your finances and so on, so make sure to give yourself a pat on the back for taking good care of your family in this way. Hope that you have a nice weekend in your PJ's!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy for your kind thoughts - I managed most of Saturday morning in my PJ's! Thoroughly enjoyable pottering!! ;0) x

  2. I love the scent of hyacinths. Cute pics of your family! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Cheryl - hope you had a lovely weekend too. Hyacinths and freesias are my favourite scented flowers - simply gorgeous! J9 x