Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Brave Boy's Dream: Loom to the Moon & Blue Skye Thinking

During the more recent days of my recovery my hands have been relieved of their stiff and swollen appearance and with this has come great relief.  Whilst I do not have the freedom of movement to crochet as yet, I do have the ability to Loom Band.

This has become a major craze here in the UK and I know that many of you dear readers will share in my enthusiasm for cheap, accessible craft for children... yet, shake your head at the endless trail of loose bands, snapped or complete that is present along any route of creativity... or is that just my messy children!?! 

Recently, I read the powerful story of two brave brothers - Jesse and Skye Hall.  Skye suffered from the same kind of brain tumour as Ashya King whose treatment has been covered by the media over the past month. So very sadly, Skye lost his battle and died peacefully at home on 29th August 2014.

During his illness, Skye had a dream... 

he wanted to Loom to the Moon

Reading this story and sharing it with my children has prompted awe, many heartfelt tears and inspiring conversation.  I do hope that many of you take the time to read about Skye's story and the wonderfully inspirational Blue Skye Thinking Charity created and the Loom to the Moon mission in his name.  The primary aim being to break the World Guinness Record for the longest loom chain and to raise money for the charity.  The Guardian wrote an article here which has more information too.

We have been working on Loom Band chains as a family and will send them off to Skye and Jesse's parents to help them achieve the dream.

If you are inspired to help with the Mission and / or donate, please do so. 

I so hope they manage to Loom to the Moon.... and beyond.

J9 x


  1. I hope this can be achieved and that you enjoy your part in it. xx

  2. I'm going to show my boys this, thanks for the info. My hoover is full up of stray loom bands! I find them everywhere. Trying to stop the dogs from eating the dropped ones is proving a challenge!

    1. Ah thanks Bridget. My children really enjoy loom banding and it's good to put this to a real purpose. I know what you mean about the stray loom bands though - they just get everywhere! J9 x