Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fathers Day Fun

We celebrated Father's Day in a simple way in our house.  Fresh out the oven and very yummy lemon drizzle cake, naughty buttery biscuits (with far too many sprinkles added by littlies) and a 'proper' pot of coffee. 

R made me chuckle as she asked if we could "display" the offerings for Daddy.  Learning so young that cake eating can be made 'an event' when put on a pretty plate!  She promptly chose a heart shaped plate for the heart biscuits and another for the lemon drizzle.... ahh... so much nicer than shoving a tin on the table!!

I'd had a go at a scrabble picture for Mr A and he seemed to like it!  Mmmmm... yummy goodies.

J9 x
P.S I've gladly worked out how to add photos - this blogging lark is going to challenge my IT skills so bear with me!  I'm a little behind in my planned posts so sorry for my basic efforts as I get going!


  1. Hello Janine.

    I just found your blog via your comment on Cherry Menlove's recent post. It's great to see another newbie out there and maybe we can share some tips. Your blog looks great already and I enjoyed your comments about baking with children. Mine are all a bit older now (youngest 14) but they still love to bake. I remember when they were little and if we were having a grouchy day or it was pouring with rain outside I could always lift the mood with a promise of some baking.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Penny, I've replied with a comment on your blog!! You are my first visitor I think!! Thank you - I definitely think I'll be picking your brains on the technical bits especially of running a blog!! Janine