Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WoW.... this is my first ever blog post!! Having followed and been inspired by so many in blogland over the past year especially, I too have now got my little piece of cyber space to create and record happenings in my part of the world. And what exciting event can such an epic first edition illustrate? No pressure...

Well, baking.... simply baking with my two littlies. The intrinsic joy of kiddies who are allowed to crack their own eggs on the side of their cups before adding them to the sponge mix; that each can bash the sides out of the mixing bowl with the electric whisk in their hands to their hearts content, and the inevitable joy of licking spoons is not to be matched for simple pleasures. My pleasure is in watching them. In noticing the expressions on their faces and the endless excitement in our 'weekly cake making for lunch boxes' Sunday activity. In the wonder in how this doesn't fail to excite or become mundane. Living routine through childrens eyes. Complete LuSHness.

I've always valued the simple things in life. Time over money, family over career, matter over materialism. It's only been in the last two years however, that I've completely embraced this reality. Four years ago I had an accident that resulted in a HUGE lifestyle shift. It meant I had to give up my successful career, the respect that comes with that level of job, young, married, business lifestyle.  Family was still my priority - I had my daughter, but we had few worries due to the security that a working parent family had.  I'll write about the happenings of that fateful day four years ago at another time, but it was some time after the realisation that my mobility and pain would not improve - that the constant pursuance of the search to get better could finish, that I truly started to value more simple things in life. 

I by no way want to undervalue those simple things.  Yes, they are often free or inexpensive.  I love the frugal joy of finding vintage beauties in the charity shop or car boot to adorn my home.  I love the sweet smell of flowers or freshly baked bread.  I love the feel of a freshly made bed, a cold pillow, dairy milk chocolate, soft kisses, sunshine... the list goes on. 

Initially, I started to write down these small things each day to get through each day.  A recognition that something nice or good did happen in that time.  To manage myself positively through a time that was extremely challenging.   It's only on reflection having been through such a tough time that I realise that I now recognise those simple moments and give thanks for them readily now.  They don't always slip me by in the rush of life anymore.  As the cliche says - I can take the time to smell the roses... It is in the recognition of these simple things that create happiness for me.  I am blessed.  It's hard to see it sometimes when I struggle to walk and pain wakes me throughout the night... but blessed I am.

It has brought real contentment to my little life.  I've stopped judging myself so harshly and constantly assuming everyone else is judging me.  I've spoken about this to explain why I so value these simple things.  I understand it's not what everyone holds dear - and that is the diversity and wonder of the world.  Here at Simple Things, I'm going to blog my moments of happiness in the normalities of life that otherwise escape us.  I've journalled them for some time but as Lucy says at Attic 24, it'll be nice to reflect on in future.  To help with the rhythm of life.... and to show those special people the magic they bring to my very simple, everyday life.

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