Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bristol Hot Air Balloon Beauty

I am behind on my blogging due to recent holiday and time away from the internet!!  As part of the reason I do this blog is to use this as a journal for future reference, I'm going to get up to date gradually, but blog in chronological order.  Please bear with me - in a couple of weeks I'll be back to my normal nonsense ;0)

On 6th August (before the  Hot Air Balloon Fiesta commenced in Bristol on the Friday) we were meandering along Bristol Harbourside accompanying my husband in to his Office, when we were treated to a visual display beyond all expectation.

It was a gorgeously still morning, and at 7:30 am Bristol was fairly quiet compared to its normally buzzing environment.  We were walking alongside the river and enjoying a different perpective to our normal rural view.  The children had wanted to see where daddy worked all day.  We agreed, as they have such curiosity in where he goes to and comes home from each working day. 

The skies were clear and crisp.  The air tingled your cheeks due to the slight chill remaining, the air still needing the warmth of the sun once it had risen fully above the skyline.

Then suddenly we turned a corner .....

My eyes were automatically drawn upwards as we saw the hot air balloons floating through the sky.

But the spectacle was made even more beautiful by the serene reflections in the water.

It was truly breathtaking to hear the roar of the burners amidst the otherwise quiet harbourside. To take in the contrast between the yachts, warehouse buildings, river and the sky with all it contained. 

To catch a brief moment in time where Bristol Harbourside life was completely reflected in nature - as if in a mirror.

Adding to this glorious scene was the SS Great Britain .  It was a glorious sight to behold and the littlies were beyond excited.  What a rare treat! 
What a beautiful start to the day.  We enjoyed our early morning visit to Bristol.  I'm not sure that this can be matched on the next occasion we visit!!
J9 x

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  1. ab fab, spectacular, glorious. what a joy to behold. i just looove hot air balloons and this is truely a great treat. what a perfect morning. thankyou for spreading the joy. blessings, trills.:-)