Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Stars

I'm not really a superstitious character, but hubby passed me the mag section of a paper today and as I flicked through the pages I stumbled across my stars.

It read:
"It's prime time to start projects and believe in your creative talents"

With regards to love it said:

"Once you were neighbours, now it gets very romantic".

Well, my now husband and I lived in adjacent semi detached houses at University.  Needless to say our romance led to marriage, kids, happiness... due to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary later this month.

The former quote I'm choosing to take as a kick up the behind - a much needed push to be a bit more open with my friends and family about this blog and my creative exploits.  It's funny, my family tell me to believe in myself often and I dismiss it shyly.  Yet Mystic Meg writing it in this weeks stars struck a real chord with me!

How is it that some people exude such confidence and self belief, yet others need much reinforcement and support before gaining even a degree of that self esteem?  My confidence took a huge knock from the results of my accident anyway. Now five years on I'm rebuilding my inner self as well as accepting the changes to my physical self.  I've accepted the wheelchair and crutches as tools to help me live life and that's what I choose to do.  I need to live this life...

Well I'm taking a metaphorical pat on the back from dear Meg and looking onwards and upwards....
I'll take courage and follow my path.  My first ta dah will come this week.  I've declared it and therefore, it will happen.

J9 x


  1. good on you janine. i look forward to seeing the results. i have to kick my but every day and its not a young one. hows the granny squares coming along. blessings, trills.:-)

  2. thanks for your encouragement and visiting my meagre blog. as for me , i just loooove uk and would love to spend a few years living there surounded by my cussies, but i make do gracefully:-D wirh visits every few years. planning on next spring. blessings, trills.:-)