Sunday, 29 July 2012

This week I am grateful for...

The great British Weather - a week of gorgeous sunshine for the start of the holidays meaning we can break from the routine and get out to parks, beaches and play dates with friends, plus gorgeous garden play whilst basking in the suns rays.

Time together.... my accident resulted in me giving up my career.  I threw myself into my role as mother and home maker far more than I would otherwise have been able to do as the main breadwinner.  I can now enjoy more special quality time with my family.  I struggled with this change in the early days but 5 years on can see huge advantages in this shift. 

I can spend each day with my children, being inventive, creative, playful.... tired (we're only human).

Early rises - my children have always been early risers.  They strive to wake up before Ben leaves the house for work at 5:30am each morning so they get to say 'goodbye'.  Hmmmm... on weekends they rise a touch later at around 6 but still. It's early.  But with a pale skinned red head it works well to get up and out before the midday sun!!  We were at Marine Lake in Weston for early morning paddling and volcano building.

Some slow hooky - having seen so much wonderful crochet in blogland, I've been so wanting to learn basic crochet.  Sunday was a day for me when my brain just couldn't get my legs to function.  They just didn't want to work.  Not unusual now, just need to respect it, pace myself and rest.  Gladly it was a Sunday so Ben could take the children off for some fun and I did rest.  I've found that resting without a purpose doesn't work for me as my mood gets low, so I searched YouTube and found a number of demonstrators who covered the granny square really slowly so I could gradually follow- what a source of inspiration and learning!  My first squares took shape?  Not sure but they're a start!

Completion of my Cath Kidston style chair makeover - a sneak peak!!  I just keep stroking them- I'm thrilled with how they turned out.  My heart skips a little each time they catch my eye.

The tooth fairy - two visits in as many days.  What excitement a wobbly tooth or two can bring.

The start of the London 2012 Olympics - something for the country to be proud of, inspired by and children to endeavour to reenact.

Snuggle time, enough said.

Small things are often the overlooked parts of our day.  They are the parts to be savoured and revelled in.  Remembered with a smile.  We take these moments in life for granted yet they are the foundations of memories that give us the warm glow; a feeling of wellbeing that material things can never match. I savour them, recognise them and let them bring happiness.  It is satisfaction in these things that have got me (and continue to get me) through life changing disability and debilitating pain.  All things seem possible when enveloped in our loved ones arms.  It is our attitude to these small things we can manage.  We choose our response to lifes challenges and indeed it's wonders. 

Live in the moment and savour the precious times... time passes, money is tight, pain and illness strikes so unfairly.  But God loves us and brings great joy if we can only manage to recognise it.


  1. Thanks for your two lovely comments lately :) you're right, it is so good to get them and spread them around ;) Good luck with your crochet and it's nice you've been able to enjoy some of our grotty summer this year. It's tipping down here now!

    Sandra x

  2. hi janine. my name is trillian and im in nz. ive just discovered your blog and am warmed and fuzzied. i patchwork and crochet, finding attic 24 very inspirational. my own attempts at a blog so far are a flop but i will try again. meanwhile i will continue to follow yours. blessings, trills.:-)