Monday, 23 July 2012

On Cloud Nine....

On Friday, the most beautiful and awe inspiring natural wonder took place before our eyes. 

The sky (having been a variation of grey, black and all colours in between for what seems like MoNTHS) was wonderfully BLuE when we woke up on Friday morning.  We had a plan; the kids had an inset day and the hubby a day off and a bright blue sky certainly inspired motivation in my aching body when I needed to drag it from my wonderfully comfy bed!!

During our journey to Buckinghamshire - birth place to the hubby and home of his siblings and folks, the clouds performed a beautiful spectacle before our eyes.

Within 8 precise minutes the sky turned from clear blue, to a scattering of slight wisps of cloud decorating the skyline, to a collection of gorgeously defined, lumpy, billowing, white masses.

I have never seen such cloud formation in such a quick space of time and never so completely defined in a bulbous crop of gaseous 'cauliflower'. 

The pictures were taken through the windscreen on the way up the M5 and only give an impression of natures beauty.  They were taken during 8 joyous minutes of gasps and pointing, amidst cries of admiration and identification - lions, dragons, ice creams and angels were all spotted in the clouds taking shape.  I wonder how many people in the cars surrounding us were having similar conversations, each spotting different things within the clouds.  As the minutes went by, the clouds lost their definition and gradually crisp edges transformed into large, fluffy combined formations of grey.

But in those few minutes there was SuCH beauty.  Such simple pleasures.  The formation of memories and traditions sparked by the wonderful British climate.  Yes we moan about the weather. And my goodness this has been a WET year. 

But the beauty of those vessels that contain that weather...... the cloud can be a beautiful thing indeed.

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  1. It's amazing to see a blue sky at last isn't it? Quite strange really. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day. I'm definitely enjoying a bit of a rest so far and like you, most of my creating for a while will be the pasta, glue and glitter type!

    Good luck with your chair make-over, I hope it's going well. I love your steps from the post below btw too!

    Sandra x