Friday, 27 July 2012

Waddesdon Manor

One of the main things we miss about living in Bucks (other than friends and family of course) is the endless wonder of Waddesdon Manor.  If you're not familiar with it, you can find more out about it here.  It is a wonderful National Trust property with remarkable open spaces and formal gardens.  It never disappoints and this visit was no exception.

They are currently housing a sculpture exhibition and you can get more information here.  There were endless photo opportunities, but the beautiful back drop of the Manor and some modern sculptures were hugely inspiring and my legs had a new lease of life as the adrenalin (combined with morphine) enabled me to investigate most of what was available to view!!

Modern art usually isn't my thing..... but so many of this collection were amazingly imaginative and awe inspiring.  My favourite by far was an enormous chandelier.  From a distance it looked like a wonderfully ornate crystal chandelier.

It is only on closer inspection that it is apparent that the "crystals" are actually acrylic people in gorgeous pastel shades in a variety of different poses all hanging / standing on each others shoulders.

I LoVED this piece of work.  It made us smile and even laugh that the crystals were little people!  Even the colours chosen were beautiful - simple, almost childish in their choice of palette but so gorgeous!! They were slightly stronger in colour towards the centre of the structure and the colour faded towards the edges.

I didn't note all the names of the sculptures... I just enjoyed them in the moment.  But this was my favourite for sure. I also love the LOVE sign against the formal partaire of the Manor!  I think that could be a permanent addition...

The enormous structure of a man changed in perception from different angles all around the garden.  He did have a rather large bottom - much to the delight of my littlies.

I did love this teapot

It was a wonderful work in metal with scroll type detail making up it's body, spout and handle! R said all the tea would spill out rather than come out the spout (she's pouring the tea out as per the nursery rhyme).  Although it was locked during our visit - the concept was like a garden room - and had a number of seats worked into the internal shape!!

The sun cast amazing shadows...

The last sculpture I took a fancy to was this chap - the metal one in the middle that is....

And what else to do on a cultural experience at an historical manor of enormous national value?

Why....roly polys of course - and LoTS of them!!

J9 x

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