Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Home made Mobility Aids?

When I was able bodied I gave little to no thought to my mobility.  It was something that I took completely for granted.  Over the past five years though, I have learned that there are little things that can make a difference.  My local Occupation Health department have been incredibly supportive in assessing me at home and getting different devices throughout the house that make tasks that bit easier.

My mum is gradually recovering from her operation and is walking a few steps at a time with the use of a frame.  When you walk with a frame all effort and focus is placed into your movement, balance and stability.  So carrying anything when you are highly dependant on the frame is impossible.  So what if you live on your own or only have people stopping in at different times of the day?


Mum had asked me if I could fashion something for her to put a phone and her glasses in - plus something that had a deep enough pocket to house a bag of frozen peas!!  She has to put these on her knee 4 times a day so the pocket can help her carry it to and from the freezer.  I opted for oilcloth - various offcuts I had in my stash!!

I'm travelling down to stay with her every Thursday and Friday at the moment until she's strong enough to carry on for longer periods - hence my less frequent blog posting.  When I'm down there I can help with a few jobs and be company during her recovery.  I've been going down for the last month and it has worked really well but I have to say things at home are beginning to slide a little and I'm feeling more jaded than normal!!  Half term is nigh, and I expect that after a short family visit then, we will aim to reduce our visits to a less frequent basis.

But today it's felt good to make something that seems insignificant in the scheme of things - but that aide will actually enable her to be more independant and practically improve this recovery time for her.  I'll take a photo of it on the frame to share later.

Small, simple things.  They can be the best.

J9 x


  1. She's a lucky mum indeed ...... but I'm sure she knows that. I look forward to seeing the finished article.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks again for another lovely comment, I really appreciate it :) I'm a bit late with my replies at the moment, but just wanted to say, you're very welcome to try out my chair cover idea. Hope you get lucky with it too (I'm sure mine was mostly luck!)

    S x

    PS, What a clever idea for your Mum, and it looks good too!

  3. You are very welcome!! And thanks - I think I will give it a try in the new year! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one getting behind with things at the moment!! I'm not someone that keeps score though so please don't feel pressured if you don't have time! J9 x