Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Creativity of the Kiddie Kind

This was a weekend where we hunkered down in our home.  The winds blew madly up on our hill and the rain fell (hard) and there was little inclination to go out and get the usual 'breath of fresh air'!!

With weekends at home comes the littlies yearning for a creative outlet.  I love that they love to create.  It doesn't really matter what we do.  We're just sat around the table, chattering and creating. 

Mess gets made.

Piles of art finished, drying pieces of art are left overnight before being completed the next day. 

We made Hamma bead Christmas decorations -

And R and I made teacup candles for the first time (what a revelation as to how easy they are - these need topping up and trimming but you get the idea!!)

Lots of colouring

R did a little bit of independent sewing - her idea to develop

And some ink marbling

What could be better?

Well maybe add in some of this....

And this.....

It's amazing what you can pack into a weekend at home.  It was all at a leisurely pace too and the TV only went on on Sunday, which the kids finished with a family film like this....  oh they love a den.


J9 x
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  1. Always cherish these moments with your kids. They grow up and flee the nest so quickly. Thanks for joining the party. It is called Wow Us Wed. not wow me. There is a wow me party, too by another blogger. Thanks

    1. Oh sorry Kim - I'm new to this and especially to linking up so it's a mistake on my part!! I'll correct it straight away! Thanks for popping over, J9 x

  2. Looks like your kids had a great weekend! It reminds me of all the things my own kids did a few years ago! Thanks for visiting my blog and especially for leaving your comments. I've been browsing around here and see that you have found some great treasures at your charity shop! It looks like my kind of place!

    1. Ah thanks Pat - and yes, my local charity shop has held some fabulous gems for the thrifty vintage lover! Thanks, J9 x

  3. Hello Janine, thanks for linking up to Heart & Home.
    I've read through your blog this morning and am so pleased to meet such a lovely brave young mum as yourself!
    Your children are adorable and I love all the crafty things you do with them.
    Your Cath Kidston dining suite makeover is fabulous!
    I'm liking this bright style of decor more and more these days myself.
    I hope you make lots of really nice blogging friends - I have wonderful ladies in my blog list who would love your blog.
    I've added you to my sidebar :-)

    I am praying for your pain levels to decrease and your mobility to increase.
    May the dear Lord bless you!!

    Hope you have a good day today, hugs..Trish (a "fellow" redhead, lol!)

    1. Oh gosh Trish - what a gorgeous comment. You've just made my day - thank you. Thanks for your support re my blog and for adding me to your sidebar - it means a lot. J9 x

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope to see you back sometime for my newbie party that I host every Monday. Great way to meet new bloggers like yourself. Your children are beautiful and I love that you are creative together.

    1. Oh you are very welcome - and yes, I'd love to join in again! I'm not that prolific in blog posts at the moment as my mum is still recovering from her knee op but I have many ideas to write - and Christmassy creativity to share!! Thanks for popping into my bit of blogland! J9 x

  5. Hi Janine,
    What a lovely, creative weekend you and your children had.I used to love the school holidays when my kids and I played and made things together.
    Have a nice day
    Barb from Australia

    1. Hi Barb, thank you - yes, it's very clear from looking at posts across blogland how quickly time flies. I've especially recognised that since my accident. Now I try and live in the now and be as fully present as I can be when my kiddies are home. Thanks for popping by, J9 x

  6. Oh...Janine! Your two little ones are so precious! Just look at their sweet faces. You have certainly got your priorities straight. Spending time with your children will be a treasure for them and for your in years to come.

    Oh, such pretty artwork, stitching and fort building. I remember when my boys were little and would make tents and forts between the furniture just like yours have done. Priceless!

    Have a happy day, my friend,
    Carolynn xoxo

    1. Oh thanks so much Carolynn - you are so right - my littlies are so very precious. I would not have gotten through the past few years without them and their need for me! They certainly kept me going and we all now love our more simple way of life. It's hilarious the amount of fun you can have with a few chairs and blankets isn't it! Such a timeless bit of fun! J9 x