Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lego Batman Cake for the Birthday Boy

My Little Man celebrated his seventh birthday this week.  He's not so little anymore...  He is growing into a fabulous young man - kind, gentle, happy and content.  He enjoys school - maths especially and of course, LoVEs playing with his friends.  He is our blonde, blue eyed, easy going, fun-to-be with, super chilled boy who is learning to assert his will on his very strong willed sister.  So much personality development and growth during his sixth year - who knows what his seventh year will bring!

In late September he started playing football for a local team and has developed so much in skill and confidence over this time.  He has been awarded Man of the Match three times during these months and made lots of friends.

The toy of choice at present is Lego and we take some everywhere we go - he even plays with it in the bath.  He adores outdoor play of all kinds especially those involving a ball.  He has above average hand eye coordination meaning he is so fun to play tennis or catch with!  As you may guess, I'm super proud of him - just watching him, seeing life through his eyes and spending time with him brings me so much happiness.

OK Proud mother's 'Birthday Gush' over...

Regular followers of this blog may remember that birthday cakes are made into a bit of an event in our house.  The children pretty much choose their next birthday cake subject the day after their birthday - and of course this may change a number of times over the ensuing year!  I learn a little bit more about sugar craft at each attempted cake but am certainly no professional.

This year 'Lego Batman' was Little Man's request and the grand unveiling is really something they look forward to.  I started by making a basic 'all in one' sponge batter (scaled up using 10 eggs!) and baked them in two large roasting tins. Once cooled I stacked the two cakes (using butter icing as the glue) and then cut to shape. Once I was happy with the shape I butter iced them and then used royal icing (which I'd dyed to the relevant colours) to add Batman's suit and shape his detail.

I'm pleased with the result - but don't think it's my best effort.  It's really large and I don't work well on this scale...I think the board is around 60cm long to give you an idea.  Plus Lego is typically very angular and I don't have the appropriate equipment to shape successfully which is a little frustrating.  I'm thinking I'm going to buy a flat sugar icing moulding tool, which would give a better / smoother finish in future.

The important thing is that Little Man LoVED it!!  Bless him.  We did a number of rounds of blowing out candles - his sister has a go too.  So much happiness from little wax sticks!!

I can't believe how quickly time passes.  Childhood is such a precious time I do sometimes wish I could press pause and slow its progress.  I love being a mother and at these milestones I try to create opportunities for lasting memories for us all.  I hope Little Man's lasting memory of his childhood is not of the stuff but of the games played, food enjoyed and his special cakes.  Because into each cake sculpture I pour so much LoVE. With each layer of sponge or icing detail added I hope the effort shows how much I care... if not now, then at some point in the future.

As each birthday passes I like to reflect on previous birthday cake posts and take comfort from the rhythmic nature of our lives.  It also helps to remember how much the children enjoy their special cakes - primarily when late on the eve of his birthday the cake was still unfinished!!

But the effort is worth it.  Especially when you're greeted with a beaming smile like his...

Take care for now,
J9 x

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  1. Hi Janine! The Batman cake is fantastic! You did a wonderful job with it. Your son is adorable, what a sweet little face he has. I'm glad he had a great seventh birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!!!! The cake is a triumph and looks amazing. I am no cake decorator, but I do know that it takes a great deal of work and skill to make something like this, so I think that your cake is really wonderful and very cleverly worked indeed. I hope that you keep enjoying making the cakes and that your son has a good year ahead. xx