Sunday, 22 June 2014

May Half Term Catch Up

A crazy 3 whole weeks have passed since the children had a week long holiday from school - and the Hubby had some well deserved holiday from work.  Time is currently flying by - maybe it's the weather raising the spirits or enabling us to live each day fully?  But we certainly managed to pack a lot into that week.

The Hubby, kids and Grandpa took a trip to Wembley to watch the Queens Park Rangers (QPR) v Derby Play off Finals.  This was a huge deal for the men as avid QPR fans and the kids really enjoyed the pre-match excitement of getting dressed, kitted up and the journey.  I painted their faces to add to the sense of occasion.
Gladly they won - which made the experience for the children.  Free QPR flags were on each seat and so the children were delighted to wave them and chant!  Their first trip on the underground too.

After a short rest and repack at home, we then journeyed on to Cornwall to stay with my Mum and visit my siblings / cousins and those truly fantastic beaches.  This was a lovely relaxed time - the weather was very kind which always helps.

We went to Gyllanvese again - a popular choice for our family and my sister's - a good all rounder; shells, surf, sand, volley ball and great rock pools!  We arrived at 11 and didn't leave until 6!  It was a fantastic day with so much activity out at sea to watch.  We found out later this was due to the Fal River Festival - but we simply enjoyed watching the numerous, stunning yachts, sail boats and trawlers moving across the waves.

We're always a little reluctant to leave my childhood home.  The children adore my mum's village park and are very close to her partly because we see her quite often despite the miles between us - and partly because my Mum played such a huge part in their care whilst I was recovering post accident.  I love their relationship and it brings me great joy to see them spending quality time together.

There are four weeks left now until the children break up for the school summer holidays in our area.  I literally cannot wait - I do so love the summer hols.  I have to take time to restore my health in the meantime so that I can manage over those weeks but it is so worth it!  Little Man celebrates his seventh birthday this week so I'll pop in next week to share his birthday cake requests!!

Hope you have a happy weekend,
J9 x


  1. Hi Janine! It's nice to see what you did on the break. It looks like you had fun! Your kids are so cute and they always look so happy! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer!! A post a little after the event but it's good to capture these moments eh?! I have to agree, my Littlie's are very cute - and do tend to be happy... mostly. I want to be on break from school like you!! Hope you having fun, xx

  2. It is lovely to see what you got up to and for you to record it here as well. I hope that you have a great summer holiday and that Little Man's birthday goes well!! xx