Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Non Essential Need

We fully embrace a simple life in our household.  We have simple needs and live relatively frugal lives.  In the main...

I have however been seduced by a non essential need... one was a spontaneous case of the incredible wantie's.  Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet - one of the earliest most beautifully creative blogs that I followed, is a very talented lady.  When she posted here about her designs of bunting I knew we had to give the Tilda teal and pink set a home!!!

The quality of stitching is fabulous and I do so love her choice of fabrics.  Once they arrived they were so stunning and I had the perfect place in mind for them in my new kitchen!  I could picture the bunting in my minds eye before our extension took shape and I actually ordered a second identical length to adorn my new kitchen walls.

They fit the space perfectly and I am thrilled with how they look now I've finally put them up in their fated 'home' (the walls had to be built and painted first hence the delay!).  Thank you lovely Jooles for your crafty skills - it is always a delight to receive a beautifully wrapped, purple package from you!

And the second, was a need born out of my productivity of the crochet kind.  You are probably aware that the wonderful Lucy has joined up with the Wool Warehouse.  I confess I took a look and it prompted me to purchase one set- the colours available were far wider than I currently have access to - so some wonderfully colourful yarn made it's way to our home.

Oooo the potential crochet loveliness...

Photo courtesy of Wool Warehouse
Both of these purchases have brought me such happiness and will continue to do so - one because it adorns my kitchen and brings colour to my days.  The other, because I shall enjoy the endless combinations and crochet creations I can make over the coming months.  Plus I have to say - both provided admirably quick service.

Who said the buzz from retail therapy was short lived?! Hee hee!
Have you made any non essential purchases lately?

J9 x


  1. I bought a little yarn before my holiday. I somehow believed that despite being with three very lively boys there would be time for knitting. Can't imagine what I was thinking. But I have it tucked snugly away in my knitting bag, waiting, waiting. It's time will come.

    1. I smiled a wry smile at this - finding time to fit everything in to a day is tough!! I have 3 gifts to crochet in the next few weeks and have had ages to work on them but am still to start! Doh!! You are right though - it's time will come and somehow just knowing it's there brings a bit of happiness!!! J9 x

  2. Your bunting is lovely and that yarn is gorgeous! xx

    1. Ah, I'm glad you agree Elisabeth!! I just couldn't resist! J9 x

  3. Ahhhhh what a lovely surprise! I just popped by say say 'Hi' and see what you've been up to and you have really made my day ..... I'm so glad you like it and I LOVE the colours you have chosen for your decor.
    LOVE all the wooly therapy too!
    love Jooles x x x

    1. Bless you Jooles - I adore the bunting you made!! You wonderfully talented lady! J9 x