Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Happies

::  Enjoying the Unexpected Spectacle of Dragon boat Racing

Last weekend we met the Hubbie's bro and family at Coate Water Park in Swindon.  It has become a regular meeting point for us and has lots to amuse.  On this occasion, we chose not to take the wheelchair and so sat on a clear area of grass by the reservoir - just a short distance from the disabled parking.  We were not aware that the annual event of Dragon Boat racing was taking place.  It was a really pleasant surprise and although it meant the area was lots busier, we all really enjoyed watching the steady stream of boats race in pairs in this beautiful location.

It was lovely to sit together, catch up, play ball and enjoy being together - with the added bonus of the dragon boats racing.  We all enjoyed watching the boats race, the swans, geese and coots swim - whilst we picnic'd and relaxed.

::  My Littlie's Sitting Quietly...  Feeding birds from their hands.

At the reservoir you can buy small cups of grain for 50p.  We bought two cups full and the children passed a blissfully happy time feeding the bigger birds.  They were bold enough to feed the geese up close and then tempted the pigeons to feed from their hands.  This brought so much pleasure I cannot even begin to express it!!  Little Lady especially was in raptures.  A simple pleasure indeed.

::  Admiring the stunning abundance of Marine Life in our Wonderful World

Little Man's choice of birthday treat was to go to the aquarium.  He is the child that will be staring at the tank long after all the other children have moved on (including his sister).  He gets so much enjoyment from learning about and watching creatures of all kinds but has a special fascination with marine life.  We have a passion in common here and it is a really positive experience for both of us to bond over this shared love.  I have always been in awe of the range of colour, shape and sheer variety of the 'hidden' life in our oceans.  Little Man shares this enthusiasm and it was wonderful to enjoy this experience with him.

::  Feeling Blessed in the Sun's Warm Rays:

The sun continues to shine in our part of the world.  We are not used to such long spells of sunshine in the UK and are so very grateful to wake up to the sun shining each morning.  Lots of water play taking place to help us stay cool and this photo shows Little Man warming up after about an hours play in freezing cold water.  He is such a chilled dude.  The care free nature of childhood eh?!  

Happy weekend folks!  I hope there are many happy moments for you to enjoy in the coming days.

J9 x
Today I'm inspired by Gillian to share my Friday Happies!


  1. What lovely happy things! Your photo of the lobster (I think that is what it is?) is amazing!!! Fish are so hard to photograph, so I am so very impressed with your picture! I hope that you have a happy weekend and a great week ahead. xx

    1. Oh thanks Amy - you are lovely!! The colours of the sea life were simply amazing - I'm glad I managed to share an element of this with you. Take care, J9 x