Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Busy Week!

Sometimes life feels a little like a roller coaster - not just in terms of the ups and downs but also in terms of how time passes.  Do you know that feeling?  When at times life seems to trot along at a slow speed and you don't need to rush or plan to fit things in?  And then other times it's like you're suddenly rocketing down hill and time just seems to fly by - not because you're having fun but because there just aren't enough minutes in the day for all the commitments you have?

Well, that's been my story this past week.  Lots of rushing fast hobbling around; mainly to lots of different physical assessments by different teams within the local hospital.  Lots of tests, manipulation, questions... and so far not a lot of answers.  It seems there is something awry with my central nervous system too but those questions don't give a lot of answers - just more tests.  But we will keep calm and carry on in the typically British fashion!!

All this means there has been very little time at home this past week and I've missed my pottering time.  Milo has been slow to recover from having two teeth out (bless him) and we are all very much ready for the half term break this week!!

I was productive though in the little time I had last week.  Not a slow pottering of time - more a sprint to a finish.  A close friend was looking to recover her conservatory chair cushions - the rattan kind - and was struggling.  I offered to have a go and after an offer of payment and some "Oh no, I couldn't possibly" and "But I can't let you if you don't let me pay" type of conversation, we settled happily on a trade of time.  My time in doing her cushions and her time in looking after the children for one afternoon one weekend in the not too distant future!!  Win: Win.  I do love it when a plan comes together.  It did lead me to think down the whole money verses trading skills economy.  I do so like the idea of trading something personal rather than coin based!

So I set about making these cushions.  They took a while but that was largely because I hadn't used my sewing machine for an age and so was re-familiarising myself with that too.  The cushions came on a treat - the spotty fabric is from Dunelm and coordinates with her dining table oil cloth so I think they will look lovely.  I'm going to tackle the back cushion covers which are slightly larger the week after half term!

It was good fun actually and made me wonder why I'd neglected my faithful sewing machine for so long in favour of the crochet hook.

It also made me question why I procrastinate so!  I have two chairs of my own which I have previously recovered - ooh, some 5 years ago and which now are crying out for another cover.  Do I get round to doing it?  Hmmm.

Well, yes by the end of November I will have made new chair covers for the two armchairs in question - and have completed my chair mission for my friend.

Time will not get away from me.  Oh no, I shall invent some manner of controlling it so I actually manage to create something tangible.  Hopefully when I do see what I have managed to create, the idea of me eluding time will feel more real!

I won't be around in cyber world for the rest of this week but take care and we'll catch up soon,
J9 x


  1. Sorry you're struggling at the moment, I do hope there are some positive answers for you soon. You've made a beautiful job of those chair covers. I have a very similar sewing machine that I've been using recently after a long break from it. I'm enjoying it too. I hope you enjoy the rest of the half term. CJ xx

  2. Sorry to read that you're not well and hope you get it sorted out and start to feel better soon. Well done on the cushions though, they look fab. And I'm with you on the "trade exchange" thing, it's a lovely way of doing things methinks.

  3. I think that your time exchange is a great idea. I am sure that you and your friend will both get a lot from it. Sorry to hear that you are unwell, I do hope that you can get some answers soon and that things will improve for you. Take care of yourself. xx

  4. You did a beautiful job on those cushions! Hope you are feeling better soon, take rest and take care.