Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Delightful Dressing Up

As a family, we don't normally embrace Halloween as an occasion beyond sculpting pumpkins and eating too many sweet things!  This year however, the children were desperate to dress up and had even practiced their costumes (and face paints) a month early to extend the fun!!  "Trick or Treating" is not encouraged in our neighbourhood so we were happy to join in a local organised party where the children paraded with pumpkin lanterns around the grounds of a hotel - largely under the dark of night - which my Littlie's found extremely exciting!

The excitement of dressing up combined with being out in the darkness with other children meant that they enjoyed the experience immensely.  It was lovely to see this innocent and harmless celebration of Halloween.  Just an excuse to dress up and eat sweets...

The hotel staff had sculpted a pumpkin each and you could vote for your favourite.  It was very inspiring actually - I need to put more effort in to mine next year!!  The top three in the collage below were our favourite pumpkin designs completed by the staff and the bottom row is our own little pumpkin display.

We sculpted these whilst down in Cornwall, where photos of our previous efforts hang on the wall prompting nostalgia in us all.  I love to listen to my children converse whilst sculpting at the dining table in my childhood home:

"Look... I did a friendly one last year" (LM)

'Oh yeah...' (LL)

"I'm gonna make him more scary this year.  But not too scary.  He can still smile and be scary... right?" (LM)''


Take care 'til next time!
J9 x


  1. Brilliant costumes and faces, and you made an excellent job of your pumpkins. It sounds like you had a good time. No trick or treating here either, but we did something similar at a local hotel. CJ xx

    1. Thanks CJ! Some local villages are known for embracing halloween but ours is largely elderly people so it's just not done. We had fun though at the organised event - glad you did too! J9 x

  2. It looks as though you had lots of fun. Great pumpkin carvings too! xx