Thursday, 6 November 2014

Beautiful Blue

I find the beauty in nature is sometimes breathtaking; colour, texture and pattern are so inspiring.  There are moments when I can see such beauty, appreciate it and move on and there are others when I literally just want to drink it up.

My Father developed this enthusiasm in me - awe in the miracle of the world.  I feel very connected spiritually when I am emerged in the outdoors.  It makes me feel alive and part of something wonderful yet at the same time a small part of a much wider picture.

Growing up... the sea was always my go to place - whatever I was feeling the sea re-centred me.  It's power, energy and beauty I find awesome - and the colours are my favourite tones in the world - from deep blues to emerald greens to turquoise.  They do feed my soul.

The colours in this Beautiful Blue made me feel so immensely happy.

The deep jewel colours set against the back drop of autumnal browns was outstanding and perhaps even more beautiful because of this contrast.  He was tame too so fed from the children's hands, which of course they LoVED.

Enough to make my heart literally sing.  
Simple Things.

Hope you are finding colour in your part of the world,
J9 x


  1. I feel exactly the same about the miracles of nature. We were admiring a peacock just the other day, the neck feathers are so intensely coloured, exquisite.

  2. Just gorgeous Janine! I'd have to agree with you whole heartedly. Give me the ocean or the trees...better yet both.......Hugs! deb

  3. Their feather's are magical aren't they? My grandmother had a piece of embroidery in a box that as the only thing I've ever seen that captured its beauty perfectly. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog yesterday!

  4. PS - I've made it 70....always nice to have a round number of followers!

  5. I love the peacock blue and green colours, they are stunning aren't they. Always good to look around and appreciate what you see. xx