Saturday, 9 May 2015

Five on Friday

I thought I'd share some of the crafty things I've been enjoying over the past couple weeks.

#1  Coastal Target Square Blanket

This blanket journey is nearing it's end.  I have been off my legs this week and have spent some of this time sewing squares together.  I'm sure there is a more efficient way of doing this than the process I've adopted!!  I think the border will have the mid shades of blue in to pull it all together.  I'm looking forward to completing this one and giving it a full Ta Dah moment!!

#2  Crochet & Embroidery Cushion

I've completed the crochet elements of these cushions and simply need to transfer the image in my mind to the linen I've selected.  Easier said than done I think and as I have been bed-bound for large parts of the day this week I haven't been able to start the embroidery / applique bit.  It will come though...

#3  Crochet Cushion Gift

I needed a simple and repetitive pattern to work on this week at various points when my brain was just too foggy.  I had this project in my mind.  I plan to gift it to my friend's darling boy for his first birthday.  I have started it with plenty of time to complete it with yarn from my stash.  I hadn't crocheted a circle for a while and so refreshed my memory using Attic24's flat circle tutorial.  Once started it was surprisingly quick and easy to work up.  The fun bit of creating its face and putting it all together is yet to come!!!

#4  Square cutting for Quilts

(No pictures as yet but as soon as there is something worth photographing I promise I will share!!!)
At the start of this year I set myself the target to make as many birthday gifts as I was able.  I have three boys birthdays looming in the next month and have decided to make them a single quilt each.  I'll have to do this on days when I am well enough to sit at the sewing machine but I plan to create them in a mini production line style!!!  I have some fabric stashed and also I saved many of the Little Man's shirts over the years which I plan to cut up and use.  This will be time rich but a thoughtful and thrifty gift I think.  I'm looking forward to using the sewing machine again.  It has been a while since I've used it creatively.

#5  A Project to Makeover

This is another skip type rescue - I actually was walking Milo and as the gent was about to put it in I asked politely if it could come home with me!  These parts actually make up a vintage sewing box.  I really love the shape of it and it shouldn't take too much to bring it back to life.  This little makeover will be my May Pretty Me project and I'm yet to make a start on it.  I have it in mind though, waiting for me to bring it to life again.

I hope you are enjoying this fine day.  I am completely shattered at present.  The slow release steroids have ended plus I'm fighting a viral infection which has all my glands reacting and swollen.  I have glands swollen where I didn't know I had them - I think that's the lupus!  This shall pass... and I'm due to have a review at the Rheumotology clinic in early June so I should get some more steroids then... so positivity to come.  

I hope you have a joyful weekend and have many happy moments in the week ahead.

J9 x

Today I'm delighted to be joining in with Amy and her wonderful linky party


  1. Many thanks for popping into my place and leaving a friendly comment!
    I see from your work here that you're an enthusiastic crafter!

  2. I remember sewing boxes like that in charity shops in the 1980's but in a skip? Are they mad? They're worth a bit these days! x

  3. So sorry things have been rough for you this week, I do hope you have an improvement soon. You've accomplished quite a lot of craftiness though, so well done. I love the look of the vintage sewing box, can't believe it was headed for the skip, what a lucky find. Wishing you a swift recovery from your virus Janine, it sounds nasty. Hugs, CJ xx

  4. Glad to see you can make the most of your downtime however frustrating it may be. I am sure that when we relax, it helps our bodies to heal more efficiently too. Nothing like a visiting virus to wake up lupus - wishing those two away asap.
    Your rheumy appt is timely. I do love your target square blanket - those coastal, beachy colours really appeal to me.
    May you get the rest you need and the crafts done to your liking xx

  5. Lovely projects and I love the colours of your Coastal Blanket....Good luck with all your quilt making for the boys too! ;)
    Hope you're feeling much better must be so frustrating for you at the moment,
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  6. I'm astonished at all you've accomplished while not feeling well. Love your crocheted squares blanket! And especially your idea of te rich gifts, what a generous person you are!!

  7. I am sorry to hear that you are not so well again, I hope that it will pass soon and that you can complete all of your wonderful projects when you are back to your normal level of not so good - if that makes sense! The blanket is gorgeous!! Are you using the Lucy Coastal colours? They look lovely together whatever they are!!! All of your other things are great too, the sewing box will be fabulous wont it!! Sorry to be so late coming by, been occupied! Thank you so much for joining in, I know that it is a lot of work for you so I do appreciate it! I hope that you had a good weekend and will have a great week too! xx

  8. What a lovely idea to make quilts for the boys! I am planning something similar but for the day mine move out, to take away. Hope you feel better this week. x

  9. I am in awe that even through feeling poop, you still manage to create such lovely things. I do like the idea of making quilts for the boys. We have an animal throw that has been handed down from my eldest nephew (22) all the way to Olly. He sleeps under it, it comes to the beach with us ad on all our camping trips. It isn't hand made, but it's been thoroughly loved,and is now all worn and soft. I'm sure that yours will end up having that same journey.
    Hoping that have had a restful and fun weekend,
    Leanne xx

  10. Your blanket is so lovely! I do hope you are feeling better this week. My best, Jo.

  11. Wow, you've accomplished a lot! I am so slow it's actually comical. I look forward to seeing all of your projects done, I bet that will make you feel so good! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Your coastal blanket is so lovely! Your quilts for the boys is such a nice idea too. I hope you will feel better soon, and in the meantime take care. x
    Helen xox

  13. You are a busy, busy girl! Looking forward to that "ta-da" on the afghan. Love the colours you chose. Are they the "Lucy" colours?