Friday, 1 May 2015

A Glance Back

I find it amazing how far technology has progressed over the past decade. I was looking through some photo albums from our time before children, which were of course taken with cameras using film.  Whilst there are less pictures of those moments, these camera types did mean that you always had a real photo once they were developed. I completely adore digital cameras but do find it a shame that partly due to the volume of photos you take and partly due to leaving them in their digital form we often do not get a tangible photo to reflect on. I'm going to change that this year/ whether through scrapbooking or through traditional albums.  I'm determined to make this happen!  I had been collecting things for years to collate into a series of scrapbooks.  Then the lovely CJ of Above the River shared her album scrapbooks and I was so inspired I felt I simply had to make this change.

This thinking led me to look at some of our kiddie photos that were taken pre blog.  I love that I now have this space to journal some of our family fun.  So I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite pictures as I was making some collages to print out for the scrapbooks.

::  Our happy boy who smiled readily despite all his challenges, Taking turns in the IKEA box on wheels day after day, an Uncle's wedding day...

::  Action shots: first trampolining experience, Marine Lake inflatables, Admiring the view from     Brean Down, Surfer dudes in Cornwall...

::  A photo shoot (Little Lady was cuddling him and saying Ahhh), Easter Egg Hunting, Playing in Granny's garden after the Fete (Little Man was a monkey with such character from the beginning!), Bridesmaid and Page boy at another Uncle's wedding...

::  Little Man not liking the cold (his first snow fall), Little Lady at Euro Disney, Traditional 'How you've grown' photo, Jubilee

 ::  Home face painting..just because, How long am I?, Little Man's fourth birthday party, Brean Down hike...

::  My first day home from hospital after the accident and the birth - reunited with my treasures; Tiny Man at 6 weeks at Bristol Kite Festival, Little Lady enjoying her first decent snow fall, Boys together...

::  Young Man's First birthday celebration, Girls together, Little Lady at Granny's house, Loving his birthday cake...

::  Young Man's First Birthday; Little Lady's first day of school x 2; Milo puppy at 9 weeks.

It may be perceived as gratuitous gushing about my children but I'd like it here as a record and some of you lovely readers may enjoy seeing them.  I think it would be fun to see yours! Have you got some favourite pre blogging pictures? Please share!!!

Sometimes it's such a positive experience to glance back.  It gave me a warm glow.  Go on… please share!!!

J9 x


  1. Thanks for the mention Janine. You have some really gorgeous photos there, no doubt you enjoyed looking them all out. Whenever we get the pictures out it's always a big trip down memory lane. I'm glad you've been inspired to put them in albums and scrapbooks. It's well worth the effort I think, even if it's a bit of a chore sometimes. When the children sit down and look back over the record of their lives it's always lovely. CJ xx

  2. I think that it is wonderful that you have so many happy memories and photos to prompt those memories. It is also incredibly kind of you to share the pictures and memories with us! xx

  3. I agree with you about the digital photos, a lot of ours are now on disc or computer and it's not the same. It's nice to have albums to look back on. I enjoyed your pre-digital snaps :)


  4. Hey Janine,
    I also loved CJ's scrapbook post, and have been meaning to do the same. I collect so much stuff from our mini adventures. It would be lovely to be able to look back on them. My blog serves that purpose to a great extent. But I agree that there is nothing like holding a photograph in your hand. I take thousands of digital pics, discard loads of them, and only keep the 'perfect' ones. But actually it's the imperfectness of a real picture, taken in real time, that has that magical quality. Even if there are closed eyes, dodgy angles, heads cut off! It all adds to the charm. I have a box of photos from my Uni days on top of my wardrobe. I take them down every now and again, and looking through them transports me back there immediately.
    Lovely post.You bombard us with as many photographs of your lovely family as you want!
    Leanne xx

  5. Oh the trips down memory lane..... I've been a scrapbooker since before my kids were born and luckily have been a "printer" of pictures all along the way. Now - I have just TOO many scrapbooks! More than 2/3 are stored in bins in our basement. I always feel bad that they aren't out where we can enjoy them. However, I know that they will treasure for the kids in the future.

  6. What a gorgeous family you have!
    We recently had a milestone birthday in our family so we have been going through photos as well to put up on a big board to display at a party. We discovered how quickly the digital transition was as we were going through the archives. In the course of only one year, our paper photos dwindled to be replaced by digital ones. This break in photo continuity was quite an inconvenience as we sorted and searched. Problems getting the digital ones printed meant that we had a photo board and a digital slideshow side by side. I much prefer the board with physical photos as they can all be displayed at once and people can compare the changes in the subject from one photo to the next.
    Your collection of photos is lovely; some very special moments here. You are a lucky lady. :-)