Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pretty Me & Make Me Challenge ~ March

Hello Dear Friends, how are you this fine day?  Hunky Dory I do so hope!!  Yep, I'm faking it to make it.  You know there is scientific research which says if you think happy thoughts, your body releases happy hormones which in turn make you happy?  Useful in challenging times I think!!

And if that fails, a little retail therapy can add a bit of a boost.  As readers of this blog may know, I went cold turkey on charity shopping a year ago as 'stuff' was taking over our house and financially although the purchases may be bargains - what you don't have you don't miss.

Pretty Me

Well, we had a purpose for me to break this sanction as we needed additional storage in our hallway.  I thought I'd take a look in our local hospice-care shop and was not disappointed.  Essentially, we needed storage for shoes, coats and outdoor stuff.  So this little beauty was purchased for £60 and came home with me and it's makeover will form my March 'Pretty Me' challenge.

I imagine it was made in the 1930's and is really sturdy.  I liked the fact that it was a shorter height as it means we'll still have a display surface as you come through our front door.  Of course I find the walnut pretty but if left as it is it will darken an already light challenged area.  I will give it a good clean up and then give it a paint job.  I've got plans for organising these little shelves so that this area becomes more clutter free.  We have a coat rack for daily used coats and this was really overloaded hence the need for a better additional solution which is a lot cheaper than buying new or getting one built in.  Happy Days.

Make Me

For quite some time I have had a slight obsession (is that an oxymoron?) with hares.  I have a vision of my mind of a cushion using different creative processes.  I have a pinterest board which I've found inspiring and definitely think I will be creating a cushion using applique, embroidery and crochet combined.  I have a picture in my minds eye of how I want it to look but am not sure if I will be able to create it in reality!!!  I'll give it a good go though.

Looking forward to sharing these with you soon.  Take care of yourselves and I'm sending positive vibes to you all across Cyberland,
J9 x


  1. A brilliant find Janine, it will be just right for all of the hats and things that accumulate in the hall. I'm going to have a look for a little bedside table for the children this afternoon at our local Sort-It (recycling) centre - they have a fantastic big shop. And there's also a charity furniture shop in town that I'll check as well. The prices are really good, and I'd rather buy something sturdy from there than from Ikea if I can. Your cushion idea sounds wonderful, I love hares too, don't know what it is about them, but they're quite special. I shall look forward to seeing your inspiration take shape. Love the idea of thinking happy thoughts and feeling happy, I shall remember it. Wishing you happiness, CJ xx

  2. Your cupboard is lovely isn't it and I am sure a much better buy than getting something brand new, plus you feel as though you can customise things to your own taste and home don't you. The cushion sounds fabulous, I look forward to seeing more!!! Oh and of the cupboard too of course!! As for the faking it until you make it, it isn't a solution, but as you say, it certainly goes a long way to making you feel cheerier yourself and if you keep telling yourself something I totally believe that it must have an effect on you, whether it be negative or positive, so saying positive happy things has to be a good thing right! xx