Monday, 20 April 2015

Easter Holiday Memories: Part I

Our family was all so ready for the Easter break this year.  The children were tired after a relatively long term and were fighting off viral infections.  We were ready to rest, recover and relish this time.  Really wanting to enjoy some precious moments together.

We had a 'staycation' this Easter.  We spent the weekend before the holidays with my Mum in Cornwall and so were simply planning to go with the flow and see how the days took us.  The first week the Hubby was on holiday with us and it is always great to be united as a four.

Bike rides are the thing of the moment in our home.  The Hubby took up cycling this year (after he ruptured his achilles last summer) and the Littlie's have grown in confidence to cycle on the roads.  On many of the days, if the sun was shining they'd pack up a picnic and cycle to the park.  This is a new stage for our family and one which they are embracing.  I am hoping to buy a scooter shortly to enable me to go out on these rides with them.

On one occasion, I hired one from the mobility centre and we travelled the length of the seafront. From the far side of Weston promenade, right past the pier and stopped for a treat at Dr Fox cafe.

This was my favourite day of the holidays.  A prized day to treasure - it was to celebrate our birthdays and we were all out enjoying being together.  I really felt included in their cycling fun and reaffirmed my commitment to myself that the investment in a scooter would be worth every penny.  I just can't keep up in my wheelchair!  Dear doggy Milo took full advantage of the comfy seat of the scooter whilst we stopped for our naughty treat (by the way - I stuck to my anti-inflammatory diet; this girl is on a mission).

After a fuel 'top up' we rode on past to Anchor Head where the children climbed and played happily on the rocks.  This is always a quieter area of the seafront.  Many of the tourists don't walk on this far and as an added bonus, this little cove was completely sheltered from the wind.  They climbed and created games of castles and forts, dividing up the rock faces as their own territory to be conquered.

Other than cycling and climbing there were many active moments throughout their days.  Water play, trampolining, gardening... such busy people.  Even more positively, I am feeling the positive health effects of my new meds and the elimination diet and so had more energy to be around rather than watching from my bed.  Being able to be fully present and engaged had such a good effect on my well-being I think this new energy and my mood combined gave me a real boost.

The Easter Bunny was generous this year too.  He had managed to hide the eggs well above ground level on Easter Sunday and the hunt was a high energy search for their rewards - in onesies.  Wonderful innocence.  Little Lady is 9 while Little Man is 7.  The Easter Bunny is very much alive and part of our tradition.

The Easter holidays each year have been my favourite since becoming a parent.  Spring brings so much more potential I think.  The weather improves and whilst temperatures aren't high it's warm enough to encourage lots of outdoor play which makes for very happy family times.  I will post the second part of my Easter Memory Journalling later this week to avoid either post becoming a novel!

Thank you all for your wonderfully kind comments about my Pretty Me ~ Make Me post.  Bloggers are such a lovely community and I really appreciate all of your encouraging comments & for taking the time to read my little bit of cybler space.  'Til next time,
J9 x


  1. Looks like great fun. My Mum has a scooter and it's invaluable, she can come out with us. Although she has her own now at first she rented one. You make a monthly payment and any repairs are done free of charge and it's maintained for you. She was so impressed with it that she ended up buying one herself!

  2. I am so glad you are getting more and more able to get up and out and about with your family. Between the meds, the diet and a scooter - you'll be unstoppable! I bet your kids ADORE when you can tag along. So many new memories to make... I am gald you had a marvellous Easter break. The kids look like they adore their bikes!!

  3. What a wonderful Easter break you had, I'm so glad you're feeling positive and that the anti-inflammatory diet is having good effects. The photo of you is gorgeous. A scooter sounds like a great idea. We go to Weston with various sorts of wheels from time to time, it's a great space for scooting, cycling, roller skating etc. Next time I'll make sure we explore your little beach, it looks like lots of fun for little people. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter break making lots of memories. i'm glad you have been able to take part in excursions, you'll definitely have to see about getting a scooter :)


  5. It looks like you had a great Easter break! I loved seeing your kids having fun, they're getting so big. They are almost the same ages as my kids. My son is nine and my daughter is six and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are alive and well here too. I plan to keep it going as long as possible. I'm so happy to see you out and about on the scooter, you must have had such a nice time. I'm really glad you feel committed to buying yourself a scooter, I don't think you'll regret it at all. Good for you. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with us. Take care.