Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nearly There...

It is the hottest day in England so far this year - perfect for finishing a pair of lovely Stripey Mitts!?! I started these some time ago and had wanted to make them for ages.  I actually crocheted the stripes that were needed fairly quickly... then they were put back into my basket in favour of my Coastal Target Squares Blanket while I joined in the Crochet Along.

Time passed.  I procrastinated....  I decided yesterday that at least one of my WIPs had to be made into a finished item and so the mitts were retrieved from their basket where they had been patiently waiting.

In hindsight I delayed because I was a little intimidated by the button edging and thumb hole completion.  I needn't have worried!  Of course, the wonderful Sandra of Cherry Heart had written the tutorial so thoroughly that I felt guided through these slightly wriggly and tighter stitches.

They are nearly complete.  I am on the final step of choosing the buttons to fasten the sides together.

Ooooh decisions, decisions.  How I love buttons.  This is such a nostalgic joy for me.  I remember loving my Mother's big button tin as a child and sorting through the piles to select the perfect one.

I decided to go with odd buttons and just chose various shades of blue, grey and white initially.  Then I passed a happy half hour playing with button placement and choice.

Until the final choice gave complete satisfaction.

I'm off to sew these lovelies on.  They'll have a Ta Dah moment later this week.

I hope you are enjoying a few moments of happiness this fine day and I will be shortly wearing my Mitts even though it's nearly 20 degrees outside!!!  Take care,
J9 x


  1. Great job! They look beautiful. :-)

  2. They're lovely. I love a big tin of buttons as well. Glad you're enjoying the weather, there's more to come I think. CJ xx

  3. It is so much fun to play with buttons isn't it!! Your mitts and the buttons look lovely! xx

  4. Love that mix of buttons! It looks like you have quite the stash to choose from. I'm quite silly about my buttons. They are all jarred up by colour with matching coloured-lids. So crazy eh? The stripes in you mitts have matched our skies around here lately. A mix of blue sky and grey storm clouds.

  5. Oh, I'll bet you had more fun making those than I did buying mine and looking for a pair that didn't cost the earth :)
    I have a big button jar as well and when the grandkids were small they loved 'sorting' it out.


  6. Woe, impressed by your buttons! The mittens too of course x

  7. Hee hee, I have fond memories of a button tin too. My nan's in my case but yes, many happy hours spent playing with those! Well done on finishing your mitts and I'm glad they didn't give you any trouble. Thank you so much for the link love too! :D

    S x

  8. I love buttons and have been given a few old button tins over the years, filled with treasure! Your mitts look so pretty.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. Lovely mittens! There will be plenty of chilly evenings during the English summer to make them useful even during the warmest months. I have my granny's button jar, it is fab. Having said that, there never seems to be the perfect button despite the huge choice....