Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Goodiness & A Wish for You

Happy Good Friday to you!!

It's the Easter weekend and a big birthday weekend for us.  The past week of the Easter school holidays has passed way too quickly and in an effort to stop and savour some of those precious moments I thought I would share some of our Easter decorations / preparations with you.

#1  The Oh-So-Necessary creation of Chocolate Nests!

These are so quick and easy to make - and a favourite Easter treat in many houses across the world I'm sure.  Little Lady had a corn flake and chocolate mix while Little Man had mashed up shredded wheat, chopped hazelnuts and chocolate chips in his mix.

The only tricky bit with these is always to get the chocolate spread across the entire bowl contents before the chocolate sets.  Hmmmm.

Also, Little Lady completed her nests first and initially had 3 mini eggs nestled in each chocolate case.  I had only purchased a single bag (just why are mini eggs so expensive- or is that just my opinion?)  With a little discussion and strong encouragement we managed to achieve a single egg in each nest so that no little chocolate nest was eggless.  Despite the rationing, they still tasted great, were plenty in terms of sugary naughtiness and one bag made it's way across 24 nests (result).

A rare photo of me - and yes, the kiddos are still in their PJ's!!!  It's a hard life eh?

#2  The Easter Tree

Apologies for the quality of photo - the light when I took this was appalling but you get the idea!

#3  Spring Flowers

I managed to get this set of grape hyacinths for 50p and the hyacinths in the above photo in their basket for £3 at our local garden centre.  They were reduced as they were considered to have 'gone over' even though they were just in bud.  It was my gain anyway.  I have been lucky enough to have hyacinths in my house since early March - always three bulbs at a time purchased ready planted and always reduced!  The combined scent and flowers have provided many moments of happiness for me.

#4  Homemade Easter Cakes

This sponge cake was a combined creative effort between myself and Little Lady.  One night while the boys were at football practice, she and I sat and did a tad of sugar crafting.   We chuckled while we mixed up the fondant icing colours and talked about our overall plan for the cake.  I had previously pinned a cake with a bunny going into the side (like a burrow) on my Easter pinterest board and thought it would be quite easy to recreate (obviously in a more amateur fashion!).  Little Lady moulded the chick on top and I put the Bunny bottom together!

We also made the shards of grass, flowers and the chick cupcake toppers (in the photo above this one) on the same evening.  It was really enjoyable to spend this bit of time chatting and making with each other.

I made the sponge and assembled the bits together this afternoon - the icing had dried out so it was more solid to work with and the cake would still be fresh when cut tomorrow.  When Little Man saw it he announced "Wow, that cake will taste GREEN!"  Not quite sure if that's a good thing?

It is the Hubby's birthday tomorrow (Easter Sunday) so it's a cake to celebrate both occasions.  My birthday is Tuesday so it's a happy week for us!!  I remember my 18th birthday was on Easter Sunday many moons ago!

#5  Easter Kiddie Crafting

The past week of holidays has been quite wet and cold.  We've managed to enjoy a fair amount of outdoor time (the kind of grab your coat spontaneously and go time).  However, we have also balanced this with some rather enjoyable crafting time.  It was lovely to collate a few of the little Easter themed makes of the past week.  There have also been Harry Potter themed makes - lots of them.  I'll share that another time.

Thank you as always for your lovely comments on my Target Squares Blanket.  I haven't done any crochet this week and hope to put that right soon!!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.  I hope you find blessings across the weekend and that the Easter Bunny delivers some choccy goodness to your door.

J9 x


  1. Look at all those lovely Easter things. I love that photo of you and the children. I wish you all a happy Easter!

  2. It sounds like you've had a happy and productive Easter holiday week. Everyone looks so happy.

    Wishing you all a happy Easter.


  3. Lovely photo of you and the children, and I really love the Easter cake, especially the chick and the rabbit bottom - brilliant. I hope you have a really good day, happy birthday to your husband, and to you for Tuesday. CJ xx

  4. Your Easter cake looks amazing. You"re very talented.
    My son made the same cakes as you but put smarties on top, it must be a kiddie thing as he put three on each cake too!

  5. Oh wow! Your Easter cakes are stupendous! How clever you are. That is a very professional job - are you a baker in your life away from blogland? I just love the concept of the bunny burrowing under the cake. Very original. I hope you don't mind, but I have added a link back to this on my blog to share your Easter 'goodiness' and good humoured designs because they need to be seen! Beautiful work. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday for Tuesday. xx

  6. your Easter cake is prolly the most refreshing I've seen. Love the hyacinth. Beautiful pictures.... Happy Easter and a very happy birthday in advance... Blessing!!

  7. That cake is amazing! Well done to you and Little Lady. So colourful and full of so many details. I am hugely impressed. Maybe you should start a little business?! Hope you are feeling well. Hugs and Easter joy to you and yours!