Friday, 22 February 2013

Bristol Zoo Blessings

During the school break we took a trip to Bristol Zoo.  It's fairly central in Bristol so doesn't contain large animals but the variety and abundance of Earth's creatures managed here is astounding.

We enjoyed a fabulous day out together.  Little B is completely fascinated by all living things.  He will stand for an age watching a blue frog, or stare into an ecosystem searching for it's inhabitants.  He adored the seals, sea lions, the penguins and the reptiles. 

They couldn't believe that the Giant Tortoises were 'real'.

R enjoys the animals but is a much more active personality.  She punctuates animal enclosures with  the next play area or the next interactive information board.  Without those, her interest would wane. 

For me, it was the sheer variety of creatures looked after at the zoo that brought wonder.  They have an amazing reproduction and rearing programme.  It was enthralling to see all stages of life - reptile eggs, butterfly crysalists, through to the rearing of young.

The diversity was breath taking (sorry - photo taken through the glass). 

 After what seems like a long, grey and wet winter, it was lovely to reconnect with nature - a huge personal passion.  It didn't really matter that most of the animals weren't native.  It was stunning to recognise elements of animal evolution and point them out to my littlies. 

It's funny how appreciating Simple Abundance can give you a warm glow.  I hope you manage to connect with nature over the coming weekend or find another reason to get that lovely 'warm' feeling.

What gives you that warm feeling?

Thanks for reading,
J9 x


  1. Look at that monkey! I bet your little "monkeys" adored him! Makes me want to go and visit the Toronto Zoo - in our snowsuits!!

  2. Wow - and we thought it was cold on our visit in Bristol - I think we have no idea!! J9 x