Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pretty Filter - My Entryway Display

As you know, I'm re-looking through my house with a 'pretty filter' during 2013.  There is no particular time frame - just a concerted effort to reduce the clutter - visually and mentally.

I've started on R's room and painted the ceiling.  That's where progress has stopped for now as my rheumatoid has flared...  A little less physical prettifying is called for! 

A while ago I painted the display cabinet below (purchased from the charity shop for £12) and the cupboard (same charity shop for £40).  These were originally a nasty orange pine colour but fitted the space perfectly.  So a bit of cream eggshell and Cath Kidston wall paper spruced these up nicely!

The cupboard holds lots of the kiddie's games, paint and paraphenalia and the cabinet holds my much loved floral porcelain...  very me.

I have much pride in this little display / storage area.  I've picked up the crockery over time in the charity shop (all except the Cath Kidston bowls).  It brightens the corner really well. 

Here's a closer look at each shelf...

The middle shelf...

And at the top...

I came home this morning after the school run and the cupboard top was piled high with scarves, hats and general clothing debris.  I've walked past it in that state for days (I'll get to that at some point I thought...) It's location just inside the front porch means that it does often become a dumping ground as you come into the house. 

Right....  Well, I started there this morning.  I cleared the top, added a clean embroidered cloth (which was ironed but folded so needs ironing again ;0) and some other little bits from around the house with a hint towards 'Love' - given the month. 

The stone heart was found by Ben when we were at Uni together and I've kept it since we were 18!  Come to think of it, presenting it to me on the beach that day was his first declaration of love to me... ah, warm fuzzies.

I've picked up the crockery over time in the charity shop.

I love these tiny lily of the valley glasses...

...and this lovely plate.

I think they're both my favourites - and this cup (with no saucer) I LoVE - although apologies as this hasn't photographed too well.

 All picked up for pennies over the past couple of years...

This space is a more serene welcome to our home now.  Happy Days.

J9 x
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  1. So happy to have you at my party today. You have one beautiful collection and thanks for sharing it with all of us.


  2. Lovely! What a gorgeous mix of floral dishes. It looks like spring in your cupboard.

    1. It's so funny how we're drawn to certain things isn't it?! I am fortunate to have picked up some lovely floral dishes over the past couple of years! With the grey skies here a spring like cupboard is a must ;0) J9 x

  3. Your pretty filter is working wonders, I love these make overs, they look so good. I love the wallpaper that you added too, that's such a great idea!

    S x

    1. Oh thanks Sandra. I love furniture makeovers - such transformations with a lick of paint and some paper! Especially when you're on a budget. I was inspired by you last year! J9 x

  4. Hi,
    Just to let you know that you are a winner in my recent craft it forward. Hope to hear from you with your address soon.
    Hen x

    1. Wow!! I'm so excited! I've never won one of these before!! I'm about to email you!! J9 x