Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekend Wanderings

This is among my favourite images of 2013 so far:

It captures such freedom, 'boyness' and joy.  It may be just because I'm his mum but I genuinely think it's the best things in life captured in one special moment;  nature's beauty, a crisp, clear winter's day, family enjoying special time together and the sense of freedom.  Simple things...

These photos were taken at Cheddar Reservoir (Somerset) and the one above looking out over the Somerset Levels and over the Mendips.  We decided to make the most of the clear days and get 'out'. 

We'd been told that there was a 'good' path around the reservoir so decided to give it a go.  The kids raced ahead and covered twice the ground that we did (I love how they do that!)

They scooted some of the way, ran bits of it and just enjoyed the rest.  The love of my life pushed me round the reservoir in the wheelchair that I have come to accept.  We will be buying a scooter later this year after my last one broke - I can't wait!  The path was great half way round the 2 & half mile route - then it changed to a less accessible material - you can see there was more mud and it became a harder push for Ben and more uncomfortable ride for me!  Access to the countryside is a real problem for people with mobility issues in Britain, but we persevered and made it around the full circuit as a family. 

It was lovely to get out and watch the children jump and run - the light on the water was amazing...

And there were a few ducks for us to feed our bag of bread to:

The more observant reader amongst you will notice that R had a trouser change between photos.  She was a little to keen to feed the ducks and got rather wet!!  We've always packed spare clothes for the kids, no stress when accidents happen...

The other outing was very exciting!! Our first trip ice skating as a family!  Well, I had to watch and take photos (which I actually found really hard as pre accident I LoVED skating!)  It's the first activity in a while that I felt sad I couldn't join in with.  Most things we can work around my disability and find alternative ways of us all being active together - but not this time.  I don't write this for sympathy - it's just part of this journey we're on.  I think it's interesting the things that sometime affect me.  Losing the freedom of use and strength in my legs has actually meant that in many ways my life is richer than before.  And it's constantly evolving...  Over time I learnt that we can choose our reaction to things.   Sometimes that takes all the mental strength and faith you can muster.  So yes, I missed skating, but I am more thankful for being alive to watch my family skate.

I LoVED watching the kiddies.  Ben had never skated before either so it was their first time on the ice together - blessed.

Real joyful flow - so good for the soul.

R designed a wheelchair with blades on when we got home - think I may patent the idea ;0)  I imagine there must be some kind of ice friendly mobility equipment in the world? 

Happy days for our little family spending time together outdoors.
Thanks for reading!
J9 x
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  1. No it's not just because you are his mum. That photo is priceless! What fun adventures for your family. Can't blame the little one for wanting to get close to the webbed footed friends. Skating looks so fun and it's easy to see that your hubby is enjoying it as much as the kids. Cherish these moments. In a blink of an eye they will be grown and having children of their own. Like my 5 children. Now it's fun to see their children remind me so much of what they were like when they were little.

    1. Oh what a gorgeous comment - thanks so much! Although my eldest is only 7 it is crazy how fast those years have passed I can only imagine how it must be to have your children fully grown. Thanks, J9 x

  2. What a FUN day, and the weather looks wonderful, too.
    We have snow here and are looking forward to warmer days ahead...
    Thanks for sharing your sunshine.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    1. Thanks Linda - definately enjoying a clear winter's day but like you looking forward to the springtime! J9 x

  3. So glad you like the pincushion tutorial! You always leave such lovely comments, thank you! :D

    I love, love, love the little ice style zimmer frames for kids. How cool is that? I'm going to have to check out somewhere to take DD to do that, she'd love it!

    S x

    1. Oh thanks Sandra! You are very welcome! The frame really made it for my littlies - speed without the accidents!! J9 x

  4. Thanks for sharing your fun family weekend at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Beautiful photos!